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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Dodd, Oct 8, 2012.

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    I just returned from a great trip to Central Washington! A friend of mine from Whidbey joined me, together we fished three different lakes on three different days. It was a ton of fun and as a bonus, we met very nice fly fishermen and woman along the way. :)

    I had not fished any of these three lakes before, and WFF.com posts in the Stillwater forum helped me A LOT! Thank you for the hints and clues each of you drop in trip reports and posts. Troutpockets/Ira's post from last week was timely for my trip. I tied up a few two-tone nymphs before I left and it was a productive fly for me. I recall Troutpocket credited Mark Kraniger for this fly? Anyway, I will continue to tie it and stock it in my box.

    Saturday we drove from Whidbey to Dry Fall. I was on a 1 fish/hr. clilp until I started fishing the Platte River Spider, cast and strip, up on the far end of the lake. Lots of fish up there and I landed a quick 5 fish that made for a nice end of the day. This fly pattern I got from forum member BLUE in a swap. It's a great pattern and I've come to enjoy tying and fishing it each fall. http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/detail.cfm

    Here's a Dry Falls trout with the fly lodged in it's mouth.

    After fishing Dry Falls, we drove and slept at Wapato Pt, in Chelan. The next morning we fished a small lake up in the hills above town. This lake sees some poaching and we were not sure what we would find in the way of trout. Reports were not promising, but we did catch a number of mid-sized (14 - 15 inch) Browns. As the golden hour approached, we started working the shoreline, and I found the a few big boys still in the lake guarding their territory. Each of us lost what would have been our biggest fish of the day, and we each landed browns that were a touch larger than those mentioned above.

    This was my first time to catch a German Brown trout. How cool! Working the endges and getting these trout to chase out after the fly. Wooley buggers worked well in the evening.
    No pictures of big brows, but here is a pretty little brown with great colors, and shots of the lake shoreline.


    Antilon Brown.jpg Day three, today, we fished Big Twin near Winthrop. This was on the way home, so we only had 4 hours to fish. The fish were full of energy and I look forward to fishing it again in the spring or next fall. Largest fish I landed at Big twin was 16 inches, but these fieh pulled and pulled.

    Big Twin is deep, and after some frustrations at Dry Fall, fishing 25 feet under an indicator, I tried the sinking line chironomid fishing. This time set up in 30 feet of water. It works! :) Fun when you get the straight-line take! Bloodworms, 2-tone nymph, "two-fer" fly, all worked. Not to mention, your rod makes for a very good indicator on the light bites.

    Big Twin Rainbow

    Would have loved to fish many more lakes we saw on the map and heard about, but its back to work Tuesday for both of us.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for all your posting over the years!

  2. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Jeff, outstanding report - I really enjoyed reading that (I should've saved it for coffee tomorrow morning). Perfect time of year to get out and explore. Great pics - thanks a lot for posting!

  3. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    You hit some very nice spots that are always on my fall list as musts. Nice pictures.

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    Nice report! It's been a good start to fall, for sure.
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    Excellent report. Wish I could have made it over. Never fished Big Twin and the little lake with browns is a gem. Great photos especially the underwater.
  6. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Nice work Jeff! I'm hoping to take a similar trip soon.
  7. kbrooks tight lines

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    Sounds like big twin is fishing well. I like to get over to it a couple of times a year. I enjoy camping at the rv resort there. Fishing in deep water there has always been good. It's one of the few places I can take my non-fishing wife fishing cause she can shop the boardwalk.

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  8. Islander Steve

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    Super report and pics Jeff. I'm going to have to try that sinking line chroni fishing. Is that method Darth Vadar (aka Ira) approved?
  9. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    I shouted to a guy. "Hi Steve!". at RFC.... Then found out it was not you. Haha
  10. Islander Steve

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    I'm in Sprague until the morning. Then we're heading back to the Island. Sounds like it will be a wet drive. You'll have to show me that Platt River Spider, looks killer.
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    Darth Vader approved but only if you are fishing next to someone who is also fishing an indicator, which Rod happened to be doing at the time.
  12. Drifter Active Member

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    How did I miss this post! Love your little boat, what a gem. great underwater pic. I have a water proof camera but it's a cheap one and am afraid to sink it for pics, says it's good for pics and vids up to 30 ft. deep. three lakes must of been fun and a challenge to change and find fish at each one. I love these kinds of trips - great looking fish and report but I couldn't pull up the spider pattern. Glad the two-tone worked for you, loved your report.
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    Thanks for the kind words Mark... and for the fly

    Not sure why I the direct link to Charlie's Fly box does not work, but you can select the Platte River Spider on the drop down menu at Charlie's web page. (By the way, this is a great tying tool)

    Also - in the fly tying forum another member is touting the Platte River Special for use in the salt :) Now I need to tie some on stainless :)
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    Loved the link! I am right now trying to come up with a new pattern for winter - grey-blue chiro's and tan chiro - tan caddis emergers with a sparse dressed scud hook. they had a lot of this style of flies to look through for ideas - thanks!
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