central washongton duck

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by chasinchukar9, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. chasinchukar9

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    does anyone know of some good places for some duck around there. i have done potholes and moses lake with tons of action and people everywhere. our best shooting has been in the fields. so i am in the ich to do some hunting over water.
  2. Chris DeLeone

    Chris DeLeone Active Member

    We had a wonderful shoot last Sunday - 24 in the am with lots of big flights coming in - better shooting would have been nice

    I would say with the weather the Columbia and Tri-Cities will be worth a look - most of the public land (water) is frozen until you hit that area. You could try the Columbia above Vantage as well

    Good Luck - DeLe
  3. Itchy Dog

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    Most of the basin is probably frozen up, and when that happens the birds push south to the river. Patterson Slough used to be good to me, but I haven't driven that far to hunt for several years. Best access is via boat if you have one. You won't be the only one, though.
  4. Gary Thompson

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    Winchester and Frenchmans waste ways have open water and the weekend storms are warmer.
    High temp 35 degrees? Wet nasty snow.
    Lower RF always has open water all public land south of the Hwy.
    I haven't seen Crab Ck, but that moving water should be open also.