FS CF Burkheimer 8142-4 Excellent Condition

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Salvelinus, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. I have an 8 weight, 14'2" 4 piece Burkheimer in excellent condition, with minor scuffing on three of the guide wraps. The recommended grain window is 500-650. This is the "Vintage" version of the rod, meaning:

    • Reel Seat Hardware: Smoked Nickel
    • Reel Seat Insert: California Buckeye
    • Guides: Handmade, Snake Brand Smoked Nickel Snake Guides/Smoked Nickel Ceramic Insert Stripping Guides
    • Inlays: Presentation/Vintage, five layer
    • Handle: Super Flor Grade Cork with Smoked Nickel Winding Check
    • Blank Color: Transluscent Black
    Asking $700 for it. This rod retails for $1,125.
  2. Does the rod have an up or down-locking reel seat?
  3. Sorry for the delayed response. It's unlocking.
  4. Ben pm sended
  5. this rod is so fricking good. maybe I need another....
  6. Will you email pics of the scuffed wraps? PM sent with email address.

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