change of plans heading to skykomish tomorrow urgent advice needed for noobs

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  1. Change of plans heading to skykomish river tomorrow. Where should we head for steelhead and/or trout. Leaving tomorrow morning and we don't know shit....
  2. I've caught a few resident rainbows of about 12 inches from the North Fork of the Skykomish in June but that was many years ago.
  3. Mann Road or reiter no one is going to give it up
  4. I'm sure the guys in the line would be very happy to make some room for a flyfisherman! :)
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  5. I don't believe that the river is in any shape for much of any fishing. The best for wade fishing is when the river is at about 6 feet on the gauge at GoldBar. It is about at 8 feet according to the river flows chart. As fast as it is flowing, I wouldn't want to fall in.

    If I was going to do any skinny water fishing, I wouldn't choose the Skykomish. I would check out some of the smaller tribs. Like the Beckler, Rapid river, Money creek and things of that nature.
  6. Your right, that is the only thing cool about reiter is how everybody is cool with eachother up there. First time I went there one guy just gave me his rock.
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  7. They welcome swung flies and step methodically down the run so u can cover every lie.
  8. Anywhere that you can find a railroad to cross ;)
  9. be sure to leave all your valuables in your car, in plain sight of passers the locals can write you little notes on your car and tell you how much they like your stuff.

    Save them time, and saw-zall off your own catalytic converter for them, leave it on your hood
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  10. Fish are spread out through the whole river right now so any float is a good one. Watch out for sleds down low and remember that some people have no etiquette. So don't let it get to you if three guys free drift over your swinging water. With that in mind swing on. Fish are still in a little slow but grabby if you get it to them. Found most my fish in the boulder strewn runs as opposed to the deep sexy water. go with something medium or smaller. I prefer dark intruder/ leech style flies but anything in the size 10-2 should produce.
  11. if you want to avoid 85% sleds stay above the wallace. its a shit show just bellow wallace flats
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  12. I think I can count on one hand the amount of jet boats I've encountered on that river that follow proper boating etiquette that actually slow down, go around, etc. Mostly there all dicks. Occasionally you get really nice guys that see your fly fishing and get intentionally close to you or anchor up right in front of you. Also look out for BNSF cops. And tweakers.
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  13. Your lucky, those gear heads have been known pull hand guns on each other if you get to close to each other.
  14. get into the line up, start talking and having an argument with yourself and make sure you yell. Not at other people, just yourself. In addition make erratic hand movements and casts. People will make a hole for you then.
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  15. shit your pants and rub it on the outside of your waders, no one will expect it
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  16. Trying to fit in?
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  17. I thought they had laws reguarding public displaying of body parts !

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