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  1. Now here's a change from our cold saltwater salmonid stuff. My friend, Coach Duff, sent this to me. He continues to get his guys into double digit bones!

    Leland. P9300148.JPG
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  2. Someday...
  3. Oh well, back to our 50 degree cold saltwater flats. Caught a nice bright coho on a popper fishing with Bob Triggs.


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  4. What MA were you in?
  5. My guess is MA9....looks familiar but I'm not sure.
  6. Kinda reminds me of last Sunday morning....
  7. I watched two guys nearly go to blows out there last weekend! Glad to see the crowd has died down.
  8. That's what I was thinking, except they caught fish. :mad: haha
  9. Very nice looking bonefish! I'd love to give that a try with Coach Duff.

    Nice to see someone catching a salmon using a surface popper. Point Wilson is very beautiful this time of year.
  10. Stunning fish! Thanks for the stoke!
  11. I'm going to Hawaii in late December, right when the salmon runs start dying off and I turn my attention to Steelhead. Booked a guide and everything, can't wait to throw some flies at Bonefish and Tervally on the flats.
  12. If you have a day or so and you're on Oahu, try to see if you can book a day with Chris of and fish Lake Wilson up in Wahiawa. Lots of fun fishing for Peacock bass and if you're lucky, get the Lake Wilson slam (Largemouth, Small mouth, and a peacock!). Throw in some purple cap-spider flies for the Red Devils as well!
  13. I'm just going to chase bonefish on the beach and throw flies for huge tuna and Mahi Mahi in the deeper water.
  14. Hey man, based on the time of year you're going at (December), I would focus more on the inshore fishery (barracuda, bones, and papio/omilu) than the deep. During the winter months the off shore fly fishing can be pretty shitty with the seas being brutal. It might not look like it is from the beach, but beyond the reef edge and the breaks the water is pretty brutal- not something I would want to be standing on a deck casting in. That being said, you can't catch fish if you're fly isn't in the water. Except the water at that time of the year can be pretty rough. There's a reason they hold the Eddie during that time of the year *wink.
    You might have better luck off Kona during December, but on Oahu it might be tough.
    Also, Hawai'i is not your Maldives or anywhere else that has white sandy bottoms with unobstructed beach access so running the beaches tossing flies at bones is going to be hard. There is a mix of seaweed, rocks, coral and sand. The bonefish come up onto the flats, and then go off the flats- they don't live on the flats like other bonefish locales. You're best bet is to hire a good guide that has access to a flats skiff so you can shoot to different areas of the island during the different phases of the tide. I know Terry has a new 16 foot Shipoke Abaco that drafts 6''. Maybe give him a call or email and book with him if you haven't gotten a guide yet.
    If a guide is out of reach, then a lot of the public beach parks east of Diamond Head offer some decent (during the winter, at least) channels to mostly blind-cast into, and if you can spot fish, there are times of the day when you can sight fish them. But hey, do lots of homework, tie lots of flies (you'll defs lose some to the coral), and practice casting (20mph winds are regular) and you might just feel that tug we all call the drug.
  15. I did it the same time of year, a few years ago and did very well. Just have to time it right and have a guide that knows what he is doing.
  16. I already have it planned out and have a few good guides that I met personally.
  17. Nice fish Leland! I've been meaning to get or tie up some pink poppers, but never got around to it. I think I'm probably a little late to that party for this Coho season.

    Oh well.

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  18. What's cool was that a guy 50 feet away fishing bait hooked up and I made a long cast in his direction and caught the trailing fish immediately.

  19. You are definitely not "too late" to get in on the autumn coho fishing around here. Late fall is a favorite season for the locals who know.

    "May your line always be cast, for in the pool where you least expect it you will catch a fish". Ovid
  20. I heard something from a fisheries biologist in MA12 that hinted at this very thing.

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