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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Joepa, Sep 13, 2012.

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    I had the scare in the boat yesterday out in Puget Sound. I was out in the rips between Mukilteo and Possession when I noticed my boat was flooding. I quickly started up the motor, turned on the bilge pump and took off for the Mukilteo ramp in case I wasn’t able to make it back to Everett (water was about half way up the batteries when I got on plane). When I arrived at the ramp I checked and it seemed that the bilge pump was able to keep up with whatever I was taking on so I decided to I could make it back to Everett which I did. When I loaded the boat on the trailer, I could see water streaming out from just inside the livewell tank drain fitting. With my finger I pulled on the inside of the fitting with just slight pressure and the entire outer portion of the nylon fitting fell out in my hand and gallons of water started pouring out of the bilge through the 1.5 inch hole. So the inside of the fitting where it joins with the plumbing was badly cracked and that’s how water was getting into the bilge. If that thing had completely failed while underway, the boat would have flooded in minutes. I guess I was stupid (for not thoroughly checking through hulls) but lucky. When checking them, in addition to looking at the exterior, make sure to feel inside for any cracks or looseness. I have no idea how long that crack was there, but it must have gotten much worse since my last outing. The ironic thing is I don’t use the damn livewell, and have contemplated plugging up those through hulls so I wouldn’t have that exact problem.
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    Scary deal. Good tip. I had a couple of similar adventures back in my gill net days with a few of my first boats. Should have died several times. I did stupid things when I was younger like who checks thru hulls or hulls period when there are salmon to net?
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    Back when I was living on my sailboat in Florida, I knew of several boats, power and sail, that went down or at least tried to due to thru hulls. Any thru hull, no matter the size, can be a problem. They work lose. They wear. On a wooden or fiberglass boat, you have the big one--rot. And, believe it or not, another problem we had in the South was water mocs coming into your livewell thru the thru hull drain. At least we don't have to deal with that here.
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