Checked out the N F of the Stilly today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. Just up there with the kids on a picnic, but ya know I just had to throw in a 7wt line. Unfortunately, all I had were summer run steelhead flies. That's all fly fishing/c&r only from Arlinton up, I think. So nice to get on the water and not have to be crowded by egg chuckers. Talked to a few fisherman and got some good info. Didn't see anyone nail a SRC, but man there are a lot of nice places to access the river. It is actually closer than some of the spots I've been hitting on the Sky. I am going to have to hit it in the AM this week.

    Hey Old Man, maybe I'll see ya. What about about the Stilly, from Arlington to the mouth. Are there any access spots? I was trying to remember if there were any around Stanwood. The water sure is low and I'm thinking all the fish must still be holding down in the saltwater.

    Let me know what ya think, I'm going tie up some Knudsons and reverse spiders.

  2. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Access spots around Stanwood. I don't think so as the river doesn't run thru there. But if it did access would be kinda hard to find. On the lower river there is a few spots you can get to,but not that many. If you want to know about a few just send me a private message and I will respond. I could give things out here,but I might get bombed for it.

    You know,I've tried to fish with those bigger flies and don't seem to have any luck. So I've been fishing with small flies,such as Elk hair caddis,royal wulff,small stimulator,BWO, Parachute flies,olive color.

    I was going to go this morning but I got a kid problem and had to stay home. I would like to meet up with you though. The wife has a few days off this week and on those days I going to try to hit the river earily. I usually don't make it out until almost 10:00 AM, when I do get to go out.

  3. You are asking the right guy. Old man might be an old cussing grizz but he knows his dry flies.

  4. Kewl Jim

    I'll email ya later tonight after I get off work, after 11pm. I am going to go up around Cisero, Oso and Hazel in the AM. Should be up there by 9:30, but will have to cut out by one. Thursday, I was thinking of going up, but I'll be leaving around one again for work. Friday afternoon I'm off, but was going to use that day to scope out the stilly along Silvana, Norman and Florence. Your right, the stilly doesn't run through Stanwood. Theses metsker maps kinda suck and are a little hard to read. You can email me through

    I'll be talking to ya,

  5. Kewl Jim

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    That's what friends are for to show all you young guys the ropes or the access to get on the river. If we could hook up it would be a snap to show you most of the places to access that river. I don't use these places I just know where they are at. I have my places and I like them.

    And as for maps. I have those maps, Meskers, but don't use them. My favorite map is the Washington State Atlas and Gazetteer. It gets real dog eared by the end of a couple of years and I have to end up getting a new one.

    I noticed that you mentioned Florence. Well the river that runs past there is nothing more than a mud river. It is kind of weird that the river splits above the Warm Beach bridge And the smallest part is called the river and the biggest part is called Hat Slough. I don't think that I have ever seen anybody fish that part of the river because as it raises and falls with the tide it is always dirty.


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