Cheeky? Please tell me this isn't where we are headed...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tinman207, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. tinman207

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    I stepped around a boulder into a favorite run of mine, where I have never seen another person. There was someone there, but that didn't bother me. As I sat on the rock and watched, I realized a few "different" things he had going on. He had a beggar Vance looking golf cap....a big beard.....smoking a big curly shaped pipe....a plaid shirt that I would actually wear....and somewhere he found wading pants that looked like skinny jeans. His stream bag was an old leather shoulder sling, and as he brought in a little cutty, I watched him turn and slip it into an old weaved basket creel. He came our of the water and walked towards me and tipped his creel towards me and said with a really weird grin..."this spot is probably fished out". I folded my arms and said " do know this is catch and release only water?" I said too late for those fish though. I just kind of sat there taking it all, when he pointed out that we both had Sage One rods. He asked what my reel was, and I said a Lamson Litespeed 2. He held his up proudly, and I was actually curious because his was huge and was bright green and blue. He said..."I only use Cheeky reels! I told him I hadn't heard of them, and he informed me that that was weird because it is a $600 reel. I humored him hoping he would leave, and said "cool of luck to you...oh....and fishing regulation books are free!" He walked up a trail as I stepped into the water, and I was trying to make sense of the cartoon I just saw. Dude never even took the Sherlock Holmes pipe out of his mouth the whole interaction.
    I'm really against judging folks, but $600 rainbow colored reels?
  2. Rob Hardman

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    If you're poaching enough 8" cutts to make a meal with, you gotta have something to reel'em in REALLY quickly.
    I don't know how you kept your cool about the poaching thing. I think I'd have lost my shit.
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  3. Joe Goodfellow

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    You know they have a poaching hot line
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  4. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    I know I would have. As for the reel, first time I ever herd of one was yesterday in the classified forum.
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  5. triploidjunkie

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    Cheeky= hipster garbage. It should be legal to kick anyone you see using one straight in the nuts.
  6. Kyle Smith

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    Hipster fly fishing...hoo boy. I read some crappy saltwater reel shootout where Cheeky didn't fare so well. Lowly old Galvan and Nautilus and Tibor did, though.

    I wonder if he turned those fish into an organic brunch for his friends. Maybe trout hollandaise with roasted kale and manchego?
  7. tinman207

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    Yea, I continually report poaching here, but I didn't have my phone on me this time. I kept my cool which isn't the norm when dealing with poachers on my home water.
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  8. Dan Cuomo

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    One of the things I most liked about Bow hunting - haven't been for years now - was the fact that I was pretty sure I was never going to have an experience similar to the one you recount, above. Blood and guts usually acts as hipster/dilettante repellant.
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  9. Tyler Axel

    Tyler Axel Buenos Hatches Ese

    I can't lie, I kind of dig the colors on those reels. But I would never spend that kind of money on a reel, or wear a stupid outfit that I was uncomfortable in just to make some kind of statement. Should have reported him.
  10. Codioos

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    Ahahahah. You just made my day.
  11. Porter

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    Was it this 10-12 weight reel ? @ 4.75" ....recommended for 10 to 12 weight .....just a tad overkill for a 8" trout.

  12. jeff bandy

    jeff bandy Make my day

    No phone. Encounter a dumbass poacher. What to do?

    That's a tough one. If you've hiked in, you can't get a plate. I guess I'd have to settle for making him release the dead fish. Tell him your going to give his description to the F&G. Hope I've made him think about checking the regs next time.

    I know I'm Monday morning quarterbacking you. It's easy to sit here on my ass and tell you what you should have done. I was just trying to think of what I'd do.

    Of course I'm sure someone will pipe in with a "internet tough guy" response. Like "I would have shoved that dumb reel up his ass!"
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  13. Porter

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    Why is it the guy with the creel, doesn't know the regulations or doesn't care about them, has gear he believes you and every angler should be in awe of...catch fish?

    Wish you had replied to him when he informed you of his 600.00 reel..."Dude you were taken". Reel is listed @ 420.00 retail. But like most, I really don't know much about this company.
  14. GAT

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    Unfortunate name for a fly reel... also, the looks are on the dorky side.

    Thumbs down for me. Looks like a reel some odd dude would use to violate fishing regulations.
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  15. bennysbuddy

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    the price is a bit steep ,but i understand they come with a gold spandex fishing thong as a special bonus.
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  16. Tacoma Red

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    I would have thrown a bunch of rocks in the water to scare off the fish
  17. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    Cheeky products are much more popular down in Florida and on the East coast. I can't see what sets them apart from any other reel, but, I don't pay those kinds of prices for something that just holds line. Then again, I don't routinely use a drag to stop 200 pound, pissed off, coked out tarpon either.
  18. TD

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    I read the title of this post and expected something very different. The story starts out as I expected. Only where you started to describe what he was wearing, I expected to you describe some form of wilderness NUDITY.
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  19. FinLuver

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    A "howdy with a hand shake and name exchange" would have gotten ya half way home to a poaching report; instead of the usual "how's the fishin' " intro. But, I'm sure the hand was probably trembling/clenching in anger. [wink]
  20. nailbender

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