Cheeky? Please tell me this isn't where we are headed...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tinman207, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. I would have shoved that damn reel up his ass!
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  2. The clothing optional flyfishing seems to be gaining popularity, or so it seems..
  3. If you're not wearing pants (or shirt) why would you bother with the hip waders?

    Hip waders.... the new kinky sex attire or what?
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  4. It's a women in waders thing. I'm to damn old to look at things like that. Shit, I want to live a little longer. Not end up with a heat attack.
  5. Come on Jim. Your out on the river. Fishing is great. Their jumping out of the water to take your fly. You walk around the corner and see that.
    The funeral is nice. Everyone commenting about how you died smiling. What could be better?
  6. Horse-pucky. That's what one of my best friends (late 60's) said to me yesterday while we were golfing... as I noticed him eyeing every piece of candy on the course. I've seen her at Pipe Organ a few times... keep your eye's peeled Jim :D.

  7. I'd wager it's not the first chub she's rustled up.
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  8. Looks like he's toting around a single hander. Move along, nothing to see here.
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  9. I suspect he had recently seen the "movie" for the first time.
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  10. I may have to change my opinion on hip boots for fishing, in certain applications they maybe okay !!
  11. I don't want to brag, but if I got with her - it would the best 30s seconds of her life ! :cool:
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  12. how many sexual innuendos can we shove into this thread? one more i guess.
  13. Ok, maybe 20..:oops:
  14. Looking at women with clothes on is one thing. With no clothes on is another. It doesn't hurt to look at a clothed woman.
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  15. The list is endless !
  16. Did he happen to be wearing these wading boots by chance? These would be the bomb if they had interchangeable soles.
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  17. You toss mans pipe in the river, you better be prepared for potentially getting your ass kicked by a cheeky, skinny jean wearing poacher... Oh da horra of getting a hipster ass whoop....
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  18. If you got your ass kicked by a douchebag hipster you would have to hang your head in shame as you bought him a case of PBR and moustache wax afterwards
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  19. A hipster kicking someone's ass belongs in the bigfoot thread.
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  20. Now if he had said that he rode his 'fixie' from fremont, i might believe he was truely a hipster. Otherwise, I am skeptical

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