Chico Creek 11/10

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Banzai, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. A quick report on Chico Creek. Fished it on the ebb to high. Was met at the trail by a group of gents from Kent. Nice morning, no rain, but windy. Not many Chums showing before low slack. After the turn, they, and the seals showed up in good numbers. Not many Salmon hookups though. Starry Flounders were the most caught fish. I was one of the lucky ones to tie into a Chum. Nice male with a LOT of run in him. Some screaming runs as I tried to back him out the way and towards the beach, away from the other fishermen. Skunk is off the 13' Forecast Spey I built, and the Okuma Sierra puchased for it. This my first salmon to hand with a rod I built and a fly and tapered leader I tied.:thumb: I'm really impressed with the way it punched line out and across the wind and the drag on the Okuma. Back out again if the weather lets up for me.
  2. Hey! Tell us more about your two-hander. Forecasts are Batson blanks, I think? What weight? Action? Grain wt. of your line? Shooting head? Overhead casts?

    I love the two-handers, with the enthusiasm particular to those new to the concept. I have a Snowbee Torridge myself, with a 44' scando head. I'm on the fun part of the learning curve...

  3. Tom, it is a Batson blank, purchased at their outlet store in Sequim. I would put the action as "medium", with good backbone. It's a 4 pc rated at 8/9 wt. I have lined it with Cortland 444 Tri-color 9 wt Spey floater that i have made into a multi- tip with loop to loop connectors, spooled on an Okuma Sierra 10/11 reel. The combo overheads (two hands for me, arthritic joints) really well and performs a single spey cast well and will shoot 75-85 feet easily for me. I'm still learning every day I use it. Spey style casting really does allow me to keep the fly in the water fishing longer, and i leave the water with MUCH less joint discomfort than a day with a heavyweight singlehander. An added benefit is being able to fish in a tighter crowd. Reduced backcast. I'm considering a lighter weight rig for the warmer months. Now I guess I should learn how to tie Spey style flies.:)
  4. Gene,

    Thanks for sharing. I bet that's a good rod for under-handed style spey casting.

  5. Haven't really tried that yet but I will soon. As it is, most of my casting is sidearm sort of. Is that best done with a heavy headed sinking line?
  6. so just where is this batson outlet store in sequim that i have not discovered???? :)
  7. Perhaps not a "pur sang" Batson outlet, they sell all of the Batson products, plus other components/complete rods plus rod building supplies. Fisherman's Outlet #11 E. Runnion Rd., Unit B. North across the intersection fron Costco. It's owned By Mick Batson
  8. thanks. i drive right past that all the time. now i will have to stop and look around a bit.

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