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  1. I went to chico creek on monday. A few schools of chums came in the afternoon on the change of tide. there where a lot of gears guys throwing right into the schools of fish so i crossed the creek and waited to my left was a school of fish coming my way with my egg sucking leech in hand i waited until the fish where close i throw my fly in front of the fish and let my fly sink down on a dead drift fish on. i repeated my presentation by throwing in front of schools and ended catching 3 chums.
  2. 3 chums nice. all the way from bothell, man thats a long ways for chum dude!
  3. Chum have a strong cult following.
  4. Caught my first chum there dead-drifting/swinging chartreuse, shrimpy-looking flies at the mouth of the creek and got another fish on the slow strip out in the salt flats.
  5. 4 for 9 this afternoon. A fun day

  6. Now that's a bright chum especially for Chico
  7. nice, did you keep to smoke? Man, I'm sure this heavy rain tonight will bring them in by the hords!
  8. Blktail, what were you using for flies/presentation? How crowded was it out there?
  9. 50 cars there yesterday. Hordes of dirties and the game wardens that love them. Didn't even fish
  10. That's too bad. Maybe I'll try to get my boat out there this weekend.
  11. Nice fish! I stopped by there today just to check it out. Looked about the same as Pfleuger mentioned... lots of people. In the 20 minutes I was there I saw a few fish hooked. I'm thinking about heading out there tomorrow after work and trying to hook some SRCs in the flats (with the added potential of hooking a chum on my 6 wt). Any chance there will be some cutts around there or is it all chum?
  12. Mostly a chum game, but not totally a chum game. Good luck.
  13. Hittin chico this afternoon for the outgoing tide hope to see some of ya out there and slay some dogs.
  14. It's not worth it until the rain hits.
  15. Well I guess I should have read this before I left today! Lots of fish, no bites for me today. A handful of fish brought in over the 4 hours I was there. I tried chartreuse, pink, purple, slow, fast, dead-drift, jiggy, etc, etc. No love. It was cool to watch all the big fish all around though. Not too many people considering, but the crowds started showing up around 1.
  16. Made it out there for a couple hours from 3:30 to 5:30. Same deal, lots of fish, a few landed but no hits for me.
  17. rain rain we need rain!
  18. Rain is coming. Try it after dark sometime. A bit of glow in the dark in your sparse flies. HOLD ON.
  19. yes i smoked it the chum it turned out ok
  20. So that's legal there mumbles? I did that at Minter a couple years ago but then they closed it for night fishing. Not a bad idea! Plus then no one can see my terrible casting! :rofl:

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