chico creek

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by jimmyz, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Young kid around 18-19 years old with a baitcaster? He is the king of snaggers down there and proud of it. Ask him and he will freely admit it. Last year I tried to show him how the actually catch the fish legally and it went in one ear and out the next. Last week he snagged a silver bright chum and was lamenting out loud about wishing he could keep it. One of the locals yelled across the creek for him to keep it as nobody there cared if he did. I made the mistake of speaking out that I cared. It got a little dicey after that. Probably didn't help when I whipped out my camera and took a picture of him and his snagged fish. His friend, a guy in his late 30's didn't like that much. LOL.
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    I've run into this young fellow several times this year. He certainly is proud of his accomplishments. I was there last Friday and one of his mentors was yarding them out one after another. I've seen the game warden at Chico Creek a couple times but he hasn't been around when you need him. Good on you for standing up for the fish.
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    Haha yeah honestly I have had a lot more fun targeting SRCs! I'm amazed at the fight they have for their size.

    That and I don't have to watch all the snagging down at chico... it's just ridiculous!