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  1. Is it really so much better that a crowd of sports anglers all gathers at the mouth of Chico Creek and flogs away at the fish returning there?
  2. Andrew thanks for the info I looked and couldn't find any real data its nice to know that what I was told is true. I don't have any involvement with the tribes but you know what I get really sick of people jumping all over the tribes as a whole just because of the abuses of a few in fact I think that anyone that would make statements on the web attacking or using the actions of a few to paper an entire group to be total asswipes and just so theres no confusion Jonathan, Ron you have now been flamed "just say'n"
  3. Tony, very good point. Just like one fly angler that posts up in a run or one guide that runs laps through a pool. That one should not be used to judge the whole group. There are tribes that are very focused on sustainable run returns and others, it seems, more interested in the financial payoff today. Many of us tend to generalize far too much about things we don't fully know or do ourselves and come across as very judge mental.
  4. I agree. And Paul Dorn is the biologist from the tribe I was referring to. Great guy that has helped the Suquamish Tribe for many years.
  5. Friends, I will tread very carefully here.
    I agree the netting practices of some individuals at the Chico estuary are not conducive to a strong and sustaniable fishery.
    I also agree with the idea of engaging the tribe in a conversation about this.
    Please remember that individuals, whether they are tribal or any other group, may not always follow the rules and it would be a big mistake to lump all within a group together, (do white snaggers represent all white fisherman?)
    Paul Dorn has an outstanding reputation within both the Suquamish tribe and amongst state fisheries officials. He definitely has some influence; however....
    if there is a desire to engage the tribe in a constructive conversation about a long-term sustainable fishery at Chico, I'd bet a lot of money they would eagerly pull up the the table as generation after generation of Suquammish have relied on the fishery, and very few have more of a long term interest in maintaining a healthy fishery than the tribe.
    The tribe can be great partners in such an endeavor, if they feel the interests of those they are talking to are sincere in a mutual interest in maintaining and enhancing any fishery.
    I might suggest a one-on one conversation with Paul Dorn, (I think he will be very supportive and helpful in a bigger conversation), but that bigger conversation might well need to be with the Tribal Council. They are the soveriegn governments voice, and a respectful request to them for a conversation may generate some exciting results.
    It may be out of line, but it would also be interesting to hear Preston Singletary's thoughts on this.
  6. Does anyone know how long the Suquamish or anyone else have been netting in that area? I'm talking in years, or is this a new thing?
  7. :beathead:

    8, or 9 hundred years,,,,,,,,at least.
  8. Tony you are absolutley right lumping all tribal fisherman together is not right and my post probably could have been written better however I do believe that anyone fishing with nets in Puget sound, tribal or non tribal is not doing the fishery any good unless they can be absoulutly sure that they will only catch their targeted species of fish. Nets do not discriminate between hatchery fish and wild fish. Or other species of similar size for that matter.
  9. I remember 89 or 90 but since then I don't know. The orcas of 97 did well too. Note Andrews pdf, makes me think it was89. Anyway, not every year, that is why the run has had epic returns. But you all know that anyway. BTW not one coho or chum jumping in Dewatto Bay today, so sad. Tony, I agree that the Suquamish should not be lumped in with say the Skokomish. Anyone who has fished from Lone Rock to Bald Pt. knows what I am saying.
  10. Lol. Take that answer and then look at the numbers in the salmonscape pdf that was posted and you'll see the point I'm getting at...:thumb:

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