Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Vic, Jul 28, 2001.

  1. I live near Hiram locks in Ballard and have time to observe these big monsters going thru the fish ladder.
    Do they take fly? Where to go for them (Green? Carbon? )
  2. Kings are usually pretty tough to get to take a fly. Both the Green, White Rivers get runs of them, but I'm not sure about the Carbon. Silvers and Chum salmon are much more likely to take a fly. Chartuse and Yellow streamers seem to work the best.
  3. The Green is closed for Chinook, at least the last time I checked. The Carbon is combat fishing, but has kings nonetheless. You could also try the Nisqually, or better yet, the Olympic Peninsula rivers. Be sure and check regs. I only rarely fish for salmon, and even rarer do I catch a salmon. But if you really want to, try big flashy streamers and wets. But, as Steve said, Chums and silvers are a lot better fly fare.


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