Chironimide Fishing: Breaking it Down for "Dummies"

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Chef, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Tony, I dare you to let your indicator "bob", good luck with that. Let me know how it works out and how many fish you land versus the guys who use them as "strike indicators". Better make sure that fish has that bait good and deep before you set the hook.

    Chef, don't stop just asking questions, there are different theories as to the concepts of using your resources and I feel there is nothing wrong with asking. Did asking work for you? If so then don't let other tell you how to access information. Could you imagine telling your students to go look it up versus using you as a resource. Laughable.

    As for your inquiry, start with location, then worry about method indicator or otherwise.

  2. wow you guys really know how to fish with chironimides! Can you fish Chironimides all year round? or it the winter time the best?

  3. Chironomids make up around 70% of Trouts diet. And seeing how they imitate so many different bugs/midges I say year round for sure
  4. Year the freak round. With that though I would say from a personal experience that the early spring hatches are my favorites, but that's me.

  5. mid spring say late may in the methow valley is da best
  6. Ira: as they say, asking questions is a form of research! I couldnt imagine teaching my classes and when a student asks a question... i say find it yoruself. I would find MYSELF out of a job.
  7. Now I just have to learn how to fish with Chironimides
  8. View attachment 38403 Top of class, search thru site and you will find many way to fish chronnies. This pic from 2009 was a 70+ fish day in the methow valley all on a size 18 red with gold rib chronnie.
  9. WOW Ira a personal attack, did I offend you, bobber, indicator, this is a long running debate, I tend to play devils advocate and enjoy stirring the pot just to see what will rise, oh yeah and I can be an ass but its mostly for entertainment, but from you I 'm feeling something on a more personal level and I'm hurt, deeply, I guess I won't be getting any invites huh, ah screw this, you want to debate I'll debate, but if you just want to give me shit, piss off I don't need it.
  10. After many years of notes, research, trial and error, etc., why fish deep in the first place, especially during this time of year? A high percentage of midges will emerge in water depths of 12 to 18-feet (possibly shallower depending on body of water) with deeper water emergences in mid to late summer. Why not set yourself in these prime zones? Just a thought
  11. Weren't you giving someone else unsolicited shit when you brought up the debate in the first place? I throw a little your way and notice how you took it? Do you imagine that the other poster might have taken your post as offensive? If you said "No, how could they!", then how could you take mine offensively? If you said "Yes!", why did you mean to offend them in the first place? Either way I didn't mean to offend I was mearly pointing out the difference between a bobber and a strike indicator and pointing out to you that if you believe the two are the same then you should let your indicator bob.

    Dude I'm not an A-Hole just ask around.

  12. you're pretty chill from what i can see
  13. I'll vouche for Ira. Great guy. Helpful indeed.

    Ira: did you say you were coming out on Sunday? :) I FINALLY learned the loop knot you taught me. took a while to get a hang of it.
  14. so, which loop knot....SHARE TIME
  15. non slip uni-knot
  16. Over 12 ft I go to intermediate ( clear mono) or full sinking. Use a depth finder. After some practice can get proficient on how much to let out ( trolling) and speed combo to reach desired depth. Have fished to 35 ft this way with success. You can can stick with your "bobber fishing":rofl:
  17. I deep chirono fish two ways. 1. With floating line, straight 6# or 8# flouro and a slip indicator/bobber/float/corkie/florescent orange foam ball with a hole in the center for a plastic peg 90% of the time. Call it what you want, but it does the same thing. Catches me fish.
    I fish it like Joni does, up to 30' deep. Can't cast it, so I drop it down and kick away about 20'+/- a few and watch the paint dry (it's usually very quick drying paint). Using a sonar for that area, I measure out the length I need and bring it off the bottom 18" or so with the bottom fly. I use a Gamakatzu dropper bead for the top fly, and a split shot to get it down and keep it down- 6" above the bottom fly.

    #2- I also use the Type V or VII sinking line method. 6' flouro leader, find my depth and measure off that much line. Cast it out and let it sink until it's straight down. Slow figure 8 retrieve. This is one method I get savage strikes.
  18. micro leech under a bobber has been known to work quite well too ( hint). I throw a micro leech with a chronie trailer sometimes
  19. As far as I can tell upon a reread of my post it wasn't really directed at anyone it was just a comment about indicators I guess if your name is indicator you might in some way feel offended by my comments, so my statement stands.
  20. Try again Tony, you were replying to Zagnut's #17 post when he asked people polietly to please not call strike indicators bobbers. So your statement really does not stand. Just sayin.


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