Chironomid catastrophe

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  1. I just starting digging through my Rubbermaid storage bin labeled TROUT in the garage trying to piece together everything needed for a day on a lake.... Of course my large double sided box packed with a decades worth of my favorite chironomids is totally MIA. Don't have the slightest clue where it could be found. I think maybe I used it once last April but haven't even thought about it since. I looked everywhere. I have leaders, tippet, bobbers ETC ETC literally everything but actual bugs bearing hooks. I found a couple plastic fly cups with a batches of flies I tied at some point (look like my march Lenice bugs) but never made it to the starting lineup so I do have a few that look somewhat relevant hopefully.

    I do have some beads in various colors and sizes, tons of size 16 scud type hooks, random half packs of 200r in 10,12 and 14 and a million spools of thread and wire.

    I'm hoping Sunday turns out half way decent weather wise for a day on pass or lone.... hate to ask folks but I'm so out of touch with the lakes these days, I have very limited time what do I need to tie to catch some fish on Sunday? What's crawling down there??? PMs accepted!

  2. Sean,

    Chromies seem to be working well. If you have some silver flashabou and some red flashabou you can tie some up real quick. A little white yarn at the top with a small white or black bead right up next to that. Wrap your two strands of different colored flash from behind the bead to bend of hook or further. Wind thread back to bead, wrap the silver flash with no hook showing, to bead and tie off. Wrap the red flash to bead segmented style to bead and tie off as well. Wrap a little peacock herl right being the bead and tie off and you are good to go. Finish with a clear type of polish to protect your fly from the fish.

    here is a good video for reference.

    Have fun, maybe see you there on Sunday if I am lucky. 14' Valco.
  3. Can never go wrong with the simple black thread chironomid with a white bead. I've been tying it with a copper ribbing with better success.
  4. That's even simpler for sure. You can even use bright red thread with silver wire for the chrome look. Reason I mentioned it for Sean is that was the hot ticket a few days ago, Tuesday I think.
  5. I was up way too late did a dozen chromies.... tonight ill do these funky brown and red ones with a dark bead I used to crush em with. Have lots of small olives and blacks and a few bombers. I should be alright. Doesn't feel right without having 200 bugs to choose from. No leeches either might have to do a couple. Thanks guys.
  6. that's why i force myself to fish lakes more each year and for longer each season.
    hard work but ya gotta do it. :)
  7. What size? And did you do any throat samples?
  8. I used to fish lakes a ton, I think it was 2007 or 2008 I fished pass over 80 times in one year. Then I found new challenges that have kept me occupied. I don't miss living in my float tube but I do miss chironomid fishing. The whole process really is a lot of fun. I hope I find that box of bugs or I loaned them out or something.

  9. Sean, no throat samples. #14 was working for me in about 15' and very well in the deep for another guy at 20' when it slowed down in the shallower water for all of us, which was about six boats. He told me his was smallish but did not give a size. He made the move to deeper water way before I did and it was the right move.
  10. Shoved off around 8:30. Rods rigged at 8:45. At around 8:46 my bobber wagged and I jumped the first one of the day. It was pretty good today it got spotty at times but I kept moving around and adjusting my depth and I was able to keep it going steady until the late afternoon and somebody flipped a switch on me and I couldn't buy a take down and never got it going again. Throat samples were chromies basically all day. Most all of my hookups were really soft tiny flutters on the bobber, missed/lost a lot of fish. At one point I stuffed the rod in the holder and starting pulling anchors. Next thing I know I hear my line tearing across the water, look up and see my rod bucking at the lake. After a really good scrap with several screaming runs, this super sweet 21" brown came to the net. My personal best on a chironomid. Good times on the lake today. Thanks for the tips gentlemen.

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  11. Nice brown! I've yet to get one this year.

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