Chironomid & Catch

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Curtis King, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. I actually used a size 16 hook.
  2. They look great guys!! Cant wait to fish them! Good job by all! I am so stoked about being in my first swap.

    Once again, the pattern I used makes a great river pattern as well as a lake. Give it a shot on a piece of freestone pocket water. The Whitefish in Oregon love this thing. I swear I had what could of been the Oregon state Whitefish record with one of these.

    If you guys want the recipe, but cant read the tow tags I used, let me know and I will post it up. I tried to type it out, but that didnt work so I wound up hand writing them.

    As for the size thing, we must all know our stuff. I read somwhere that Chironomids are all pretty close to the same size in a given geographic area, with the larger ones the further north you live. So if we lived in AZ, we would of all tied them on like, size 22 :eek:

    Any ways back to my can o' Ra...Shit!!!Linda nearly burned down the apartment!!! Pan of oil caught fire and she flung the lid across the kitchen and it landed right behind me!!:eek: Also if you have a grease fire be shure you grab the baking soda and NOT the corn starch. The hair on my arm was just starting to grow back too! :beathead: Ohh well no harm, just have to freeze our asses off for the next couple hours while we air out the apartment.

    Now back to my trusty can of Rainier (which I grabbed in this whole mess) :thumb: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer2: ,

  3. I got my flies today and all I can say is, top notch. All of them are amazing, I am practically dying because the westside lakes don't open until the 29th, every one of these patterns looks so good I am certain they will catch hogs, uh... I mean fish. great job.

    P.S. Extra thanks to SpeyFlies2 for hosting this swap.

    P.P.S. Extra thanks to Wayne also for the little bonus.
  4. I have a report on all the chironomids but unfortunately, they all caught nothing. All do the same thing next time i go fishing and hopefully have a meamingful report.
  5. Yeah, I tried Lenice yesterday but got blown off. Never got to give them a fair shake. bawling:

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