Chironomid configurations

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    Interesting! thanks for the link. I try and stay away from things that make tying flies even harder but this looks interesting. better then just a jig hook I guess.
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    Gary, sorry it took so long to reply. as far as a recipe I really never tie by recipes, I just think of a pattern and tie a few flies until I get one I like then I have to test the darn things. 2 other people p/m.ed the same question so I will give it a try on this thread but it will just be a general description.

    size 10 or 12 standard length 2x strong tiemco - tmc 3769

    7/64th or 1/8th white bead or Montana lucent bronze or green tungsten bead (I'm told these Montana fly - lucent beads are a lot heavier then most)

    Sparkle tail is - silver metallic sulky thread quadrupled and cut short just for a little flash.

    Body is tan hairs ear dubbing mixed with lighter tan synthetic dubbing for some sparkle and strength done with a tight dubbing loop so it last's.

    The hackle is partridge and that first fly has to much! just one wrap of partridge soft hackle is plenty. You really don't heed the soft hackle on this fly if you don't want to, most of mine do not have it it was just one of the only pics I had!

    Ribbing is copper and also can be done in silver,gold,red,brown.

    collar is a mixed med brown dubbing with some sparkle. for some reason it's hard for me to find a real med. brown colored dubbing so I mix to get the right tone. nothing special. done with dubbing loop.

    The second fly has sparkle tail - white bead - but the body is medium brown chiro braid with a med. size tan wire for rib so the wire stands out. I tie this body and use a tan dubbing or medium brown dubbing for collar making a darker and lighter version. like you see in the group pictures

    I also have med. brown wire for ribbing some of my tan chiro bodies.

    If you look at the last fly it is just my two tone nymph without the back, in fact I was tying and using the the chiro version before I came up with the two tone nymph. Like I always say - I try and keep it simple. I hate dubbing loops but these flies (like many others) can catch a lot of fish and you don't want them coming apart after just one or two!

    I use brown goose biots for the backs on my two tone nymphs, makes a split tail - body back - and thorax back - all in two goose biots, very easy!
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    Fish in the inland lakes go crazy when the large chironomids are hatching. Black size 12 works well.

    And Dave Hughes says there may be a few large chiros hatching thoughout the season, and the fish will likely take them opportunistically when they see them.

    so a size 12 in black with silver or red rib, peacock herl thorax, and white bead is a good general bet.

    In my experience, size 16-18 thread body chironomid in red thread (silver or gold extra fine wire rib), with peacock herl thorax and tiny gold lined glass bead is also very good.

    So those are my top two choices in which I have great confidence. not that they work every day.

    A variety of red blood worms have worked for me in early spring, from red beads to a piece of thin red braid or just red flexifloss.

    If I am going deeper than say 8-10 feed, I like to use a tungsten bead head minileach to get the line down and drop a chironomid below that. The minileech / chiro combination is a good one in general.

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    And those jig-style hooks hold fish really well.
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    I start with Black body with white wire or red wire rib. My go to. Next black with blue wire rib. Bead, black if I add gills, white if not. Black body, white bead, blue wire rib is deadly. Also the Irish Spring. From there I experiment. During the Damsel hatch, I like a Black bead, olive UTC thread covered with Clear V Ribbing. Orange or even pink right now.

    Mark, that Soft Hackle is super clean. I love that.
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    Blue - I actually tried some white-blue dubbing in the tail of my bloody-Mary fly this spring to make it look like it still had some "shuck" left below it and that fly caught a lot of fish. It just had a touch of sparkle blue with the white and mostly black tail. I kept shaking my head when releasing fish that took it, thinking there is something to this "BLUE" thing! more research to come next spring!!!
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    Great thread. Been tying alot of chronomids in a brassie configuration using two colored wires with a peacock herl thorax. I will be tying up some of these hare's ear chronimid patterns........cant hurt.