Chironomid Swap 16 or smaller Spring 2011

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Closed ! Chironomid Swap 16 or smaller Spring 2011 Closed!

    Now that I have finished with the Winter Lake swap and slobbered all over some of the chironomid patterns, it is time for me to host a Spring chironomid swap. Now as a tied in the wool indicator watcher I'm not at a loss for patterns or bugs but for the most part I tie most of mine in size 14 and 12 so I'd like to fill in my size 16 and smaller slots so all these bugs for this slot need to fit into that category.

    If there is an overwhelming response, I will host 2 or if there is a huge response for over size 16 I'll host an over 16 swap as well.

    Due by February 24th so everyone can fish them on the March 1st opener.
    Everyone ties 2 of the same bug for a total of 26 bugs.
    Limited to 14 tiers. GET TYING Please remembert to tag your flies and send a self addressed envelope either prestamped or you can send some other form payment. Luckily I was only out like two bucks the last swap but someone sent me a couple extra flies so that made up for it.
    Send to:
    5117 View Dr.
    Everett, Wa 98203

    1. Irafly DONE!
    2. troutpocket DONE!
    3. Ron McNeal DONE!
    4. fishingcheftim DONE!
    5. nailbender DONE!
    6. kenfishbum DONE!
    7. Trevor Thorp DONE!
    8. JMitchell DONE!
    9. yellowlab DONE!
    10. Baitfish DONE!
    11. Chef
    12. mrcoachman DONE!
    13. Troutrageous
    14. willburrrr2003 DONE!
  2. In. I can do two 16's or one each smaller than/bigger than 16.
  3. I'd like in, I'll tie an Emerger similar to a black beauty.
  4. I'd like in, I just got new glasses this week. So my flies will hopefully look better than last time. Gonna tie # 16 green? guy kill'n em at lenice gave me.
  5. I'll do #18 green bead head.
  6. Count me in.
  7. I'm in, most likely some sort of bloodworm.
  8. Never Participated with previous swaps but this a category near and dear to me, so I'll join.
  9. Twist my arm! Count me in!
  10. I'm in I would like to see some of what you guys are using, I've come up with one I think should work.
  11. I'd love to join, though I admit I haven't done many chironomids. I'll post a pic of what I'm tying to make sure its alright before pumping more out.
  12. I would like in if there is still a slot open :) Only thing I have tied so far are bloodworms. I have talked with Scottflycst a bit on them, and have an I idea I want to tie. I want a mostly clear body with a sparse underlying colors kind of like this

    View attachment 38671

    the head will have red flash under the clear.
  13. I fished last week and the trout were full of these glassworms. I wonder what material would be best suited to use to imitate these bad boys...
  14. You could use clear glass seed beads. I tied some with 4X and put a black end with a sharpie, didn't like them, didn't fish them. Phil Rowley said "when the fish are eating ghost midges, put on a big leech!"
  15. Dang it Steve, I saw your name on here and thought you were jumping on ship. I was even going to add an extra spot for you.

    I think I'll open up another chironomid swap any size, this one filled pretty quick.

  16. It is now officially closed instructions are in your PMs and at the beginning. The 24th also happens to be my B-Day in case you want to throw in an extra bug :) No pressure though.


    Oh I'm also going to host a no holds barred Chironomid swap as well where I plan to tie a size 8 or 10 bomber for BC lakes. So Keep your eyes open.

  17. Pounded these babies out with the game on the background. This is an effective pattern which fishes well in 90% of the lakes I've fished here and in BC. They look simple but each one takes 5 different sets of materials, hope to receive some good patterns in exchange. Thanks Ira for setting this up!
  18. Those look killer, not simple they look exactly like throat samples I've taken. I like the black and red variation, I usually go with black body red ribbing versus the other way around, but have been tempted several times to do this. I'm fairly sure I can name 4 out of the 5 materials but the covering over the body could be several things, not quite sure there.

    Nice bug.


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