Chironomid Swap 16 or smaller Spring 2011

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. This will work. Sorry I didn't reply to your text.

    This really works well for me, because all of my bugs are weighted and on occassion it would be nice to throw some unweighted bugs. Tie it.

  2. Theres place and time for everything, prob. a great bug to use when the fish are keyed just under the surface with emergers. Floating line and light leader should do the trick for fish slurping the emerging Chironomid.
  3. Photo doesn't quite show the coloration, but the color isn't red, more of amber or root beer colored thread. There is one secret material but I don't know if anyone has used it with their Chironomid ties b4... ;)
  4. Ok, I'm not done, but cranked out a good few of mine, hope they look good (I forgot how small 16 was, these are a pain!).
  5. Trout: I agree.... size 16 are a pain! :)
  6. Man up boys, start tying "20 then complain, just finished tying starting to label the flys hope to deliver some time this week.
  7. Mark, does that mean you tied up 20's? If so, kudos to you! I need to fill some smaller flies into my Chironomid selection. I sent off my flies yesterday to Ira. Gettin' ready for some stillwater!!!
  8. They arrived in the mail today! Great looking bugs. I've always likes smaller, found them to be quicker to tie. But then again, yeah they are a pain.


    Oh an nice bugs Troutrageous
  9. Just finished early this morning. Couldnt sleep so plenty of time to tie at 1:30 AM before work.

    It was good for me to tie these becasue I learned some key things: less is best, dont over crowed the eye, half hitches are easier then whip finishes in smaller flies (for me at least), gotta be gentle with the thread wraps by the eye of the hook and when using silk thread, gotta take it easy and not pull so damn hard. :)
  10. We all learned and are still learning these lessons.

  11. I will be picking up supplies to tie this weekend...I have a couple different Ideas to try and tie the glass bug I posted pic of...we'll see how it goes....I hope to have them finished this weekend. Ira, I believe you are very close to me in Everett, could I drop the flies off when they are finished instead of mailing them?
  12. Absolutely!
  13. No I was busting the guys, I did tie some #18 next time #20 I'm new to the chironomids I don't mind tying small I hope they will work for you chironomid pro's.
  14. Mr. Coachman's are now in and they have that perfect color brown that is almost impossible to create with thread. Great bugs.

  15. Mine will be in mondays mail.
  16. Flies going in Tues. mail.
  17. I fished my contribution to the swap yesterday at Lone with swapmeister Ira. They work.
  18. I can vouch for the above! Fun day Rod.

  19. ROLL CALL!

    Flies that are in:

    Ron McNeal

    One week to go!

  20. I am finished with mine, but I am trying to wrap up both swaps (midge) together. I am shooting for Tues if not Wed in the mail.. I'd send them earlier, but work is killing me for free time.

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