Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I am done as well, Ill send mine tomorrow as the po is closed today!
  2. I'm done as well. Will get them in the mail tomorrow. Rick
  3. Done hopefully in the mail tomorrow but Wednesday for sure.
  4. Mine went out on Friday.
  5. Gary got yours today.
  6. Mine in the mail today!
  7. Received zen leecher, Rick Todd, Steeli, and Kirk Singleton today. Keep em coming guys half way there. :D

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  8. Mine were mailed this afternoon.
  9. Received Irafly and Rob Ast today. Great flies guys!

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  10. Received Bugboy and Rob McNeal today. Just one more and I will get them out to everyone!

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  11. Too late to join this one?
  12. Sorry humpy all flies have been mailed to the swapmeister and are pending delivery after I receive the last person.

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  13. Who is this last person? Do you need a little muscle for encouragement? I want my flies dang it :)
  14. Waiting on the Canuck, I believe they went out today.
  15. Ok I have not received the last persons flies and we are past the due date. I will poll the audience. Send or wait? . . . . .
  16. If it's the BC guy I'd wait. It's hard to tell what the extra shipping time might be for crossing the border.
  17. Yeah , it`s me .
    The post office told me it should arrive at the final destination in 5-7 business days , which should mean by mid week .
  18. I knew it would lure him out;) ill keep an eye open.

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  19. Come on Brian by now you know our non socialized postal service can't compete with the canuk ways of transporting letters. You should have sent earlier! Ok, I'll wait I won't make it out to the waters again until Feb 17th at the earliest anyway.

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