chironomid techniques

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Wayne Kohan, Mar 27, 2010.

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    nice. I'll give this a try Kevin. more time fishing and less time messing with knots
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    This is the list of fly fishing only lakes in Washington.
    Many lakes and streams are Selective Fishery Status which is different from fly fishing only. Some feel that Selective Fishery is the same as Fly fishing only, because it seems that most of those who fish select fisheries are fly fishermen. On select fishery lakes you can use an attached weight on your line to get the fly down but on fly fishing only lakes you can't.

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    That is interesting. I can see it for the LEAD factor if that is indeed what it is about, and like mentioned, I haven't used lead for years, but rather Tungsten or lead sub.
    A tungsten bead would work just fine in my opinion, but BUZZERS are awesome and there is no bead on them.
    Is there a ruling on lead ON the fly?
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    Lead is not the issue with the weight ban in FF only waters. I believe the rule is in place to prevent people from attaching weight to their lines in a manner that would allow them to cast the weight as opposed to fly casting with the fly line. I suppose you could just put a really heavy fly on within the 1/2" restriction and accomplish the same thing. There are no restrictions to lead or other weights on the fly, although some FF only waters have banned weighted flies in emergency situations when it was felt that anglers were using weighted flies to target/harass off-limit fish species.
  5. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    The rule is on fly only waters that any weight must be incorporate in the fly, lead is not prohibited, but I believe its' coming!
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    I bet you're right, plecoptera. The rule is probably designed to provide an enforceable definition of fly fishing. Too bad it excludes a very widespread technique, though.
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    Most waters I fish do not have any restriction on weight, but single and barbless. Utah is two fly/lure limit and Idaho up to five.
    I forget that and always use two max.
    I watched a vid by Oliver, who needs lead, just build wire nymphs.
    I have never done weight for the fling fact I prefer the opposite...LOL
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    Well chironomids are perhaps the toughest discipline for the stillwater fly fisher to master yet they offer the greatest rewards.