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  1. Nice stuff, Blue!! The red/black 'mid you tied up for the winter lake swap last year got shredded over the course of a two day trip I did last March.
  2. That is a great color combination. Thanks by the way. Last year Black thread with a blue wire and White bead was KILLER. Can't wait to give it another go.
  3. I tried doing a quick search for the Airflo line you mentioned, but I wasn't able to find much. Could you expand on this? I'd be interested in taking a look at this line if I could find it. I love a super slow sinking line.
  4. Nick - Blue beat me to it. I've been fishing the Rio Outbound Hover for two years. Great casting and fishing line and much slower sinking than most clear "intermediate" lines. And to keep it on topic . . .also a great way to fish chironomids when the vertical presentation isn't getting the job done (don't tell Ira!).
  5. I wished I had thought of that...LOL
  6. Hi Nick,
    Airflo makes a slow full sinking "intermediate" line .... It's one of their "Sixth Sense" series and they call it a slow glass intermediate (WF). It comes in 5/6 ect. and sinks at a rate of .5 of an inch per second... it's a greenish color.... They use to make a slow clear intermediate but it had some problems with losing it's slickness. On that clear line I figured out that I can grease the line starting back 30 feet and that solved the problem for me without messing up its sinking. I have two of each still. The clear one is a "delta taper" not a WF.
    The slow sink rate is great for hand twisting slowly in shallow areas and it enables one to cast across wind waves and maintain a straight in line...... no lateral belly .... You can also fish ( up to 20 feet plus) a chironomids naked and very slowly by using say a 12-14 foot leader and maybe a #4 shot at the tippet knot.
    I fish out of my Super Vee anchored up ( two anchors mostly) and I can make long cast allow it to get and then begin a slow hand twist..... during hatches fish can be suspended mid water column. It's great way to explore the water column at times... be prepared for strong pulls!
  7. WOW those are some of the sweetest chiro's I've ever seen. I've never down well fishing with the UK buzzer style tie. although i did not stick with them for too long. thanks for the pics, they're great!
  8. does anyone use up eyed dry fly hooks for chrony's ? in size 10 and larger they seem to work for me.
    Blue, nice ties and photo's.
  9. Howdy Skyrise,
    I prefer straight eye like Mustad C49s or the more common downturned eye. I did just purchase some new Alec Jackson Chironomid hooks.... and they have a slightly upturned eye..... they are also amazingly sharp and have what he calls a crystal finish (basically silver).... they also come only in odd sizes 11s, 13 ect.... and I like that... with big fish over five pounds 14s are just a bit inadequate....I'm thinking that 13s will bridge the gap. .... they are made by Daiichi....

    Regards.....Pond Monkey
  10. Blue - are you using Sally hansen clear as nails or lacquer on your chiro's . I use sally clear as nails and have left the cap off for around 6 to 8 hours to make it thicker on some of the containers, just wondering if that is sally's your using for coating? how many coats to have such a nice thick coating.
  11. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for those lines. I did a little more searching after I posted earlier and did find the Airflo line. Didn't know about the Rio line though. I like the sounds of the super slow sink rate of the Airflo, but the Hover sounds like a nice line as well. I can think of a good many applications for such a line. I will be doing some research and picking one up real soon. It seems to me that this line would almost take the place of a floater in many applications.

    This has turned into a fantastic thread. Blue those are some beautiful chronnies!!!! I have gathered lots of good info from this thread, and look forward to putting it to use this spring. (And now I am kinda itching to fish Crane! lol )
  12. What floating lines do you guys use when fishing long leaders/bobbers/double flys etc...? I picked up a Rio Indicator line for 6 wt and fished it for a while yesterday. I wasn't using a super long leader, but I was using a thingamabobber and a double fly rig and found that line roll cast amazingly well and turned over a 12' leader and double fly/bobber with ease. I wasn't making long casts, but distance isn't an issue when anchored up on a lake. I was able to stand and roll cast 40' with just a flick of the arm with great turnover. I know it will never be easy to throw those 20' leaders, but I think this line will definitely be an improvement over what I have been using. Any of you guys try this line?

  13. I do use SHHAN. I bought a drying wheel from Cabela's and I build the Chironomids with the peacock in two stages. I coat the thread and wire portion about 5 or 6 coats. But I prefer to keep it thin, thicker might not need as many coats, but I get air bubbles at times. Then I put the thorax on.
    As far as floating lines, I use Shark Skin and Windcutter II. and a 7' mono furled leader with fluoro tippet.
  14. Thanks for the tip blue . I figure those might have multiple coats.

    LEADERS - I buy hand tied fluoro tippets in 12 pound 12 foot then put two tippets off of that to make them around 18 ft. 12-10-8 but i have to check into the furled leaders, but as mentioned you would have to drill the holes bigger in the slip-release indicator pegs , something i've been wanting to do anyway.
  15. Good morning from Orygne,
    I'm sitting scratching my head and wondering.... why the furled leader in a deep water application? I fish mostly deep water (18'-23') in BC every spring with a bunch of pioneers from all over the NW and BC..... These guys (and myself) all use a simple straight ( non tapered) leader...
    For one thing it's generally nice to have the indicator which is fairly wind resistant 5/8" -1/2" diameter(quick release) close to the fly line to minimize hinge effect... .plus a straight leader(3X) fluorocarbon sinks fast with little water resistance and hangs straight....I use a 15' 3X straight section of fluorocarbon then attach a #10 barrel swivel (mostly for weight) and the about a five foot tippet....At the flyline end I do use a short section about 12" of 1X nail knotted to my flyline to transition to my 3X....for tippet I use mostly Orvis Mirage in 4X... it is rated at & 7 lbs and is .007 in diameter.... many angler in BC where I go use 3X bargain brand fluoro tippet... This setup casts nice too...
    I used a Rio Nymph for 2-3 years but switched to the Rio Gold....

  16. Currently using a sharkskin 4wt trout taper. In the past I've used a 5wt Rio Indicator with good success but wanted to see if I could get away with my 4wt. When I'm running 2x or 3x fluoro tippet I have no difficulty horsing in fish up to 22" or so. . .but most trout I get are in the 16-19" range. When I fish in Big Trout places I switch to a 6wt SA Bass taper line and 6wt rod. I agree the 6wt setup is a roll casting machine, but as you already pointed out, distance is rarely an issue when chironomid fishing. And once you get used to bending the rod down to the cork on a 20" fish, the 6wt feels like a pool cue.
  17. I love fishing Chironomids! Can't wait for March each year! I've got to where I pretty much fish three patterns in a few colors in sizes 14 and 12 with a few exceptions when I fish BIG long shanked #8. I almost always fish them under indicators that I make specially for stillwater. This year I am going to try and fish my Deep 7 with chironomids though. Sounds like a lot of fun to get them deep. Probably wait until summer and fall to do that.

    There are some really good looking flies on this thread!

  18. I too fish most in the 24' range. Can you cast that while seated in a tube or on a pontoon? Best I could get was a lob, then kick back dragging the flies over the fish. With a furled leader I can cast that 7' leader and that 13' to 14' of fluoro with a nice roll. Means I can anchor if I need to. So I am running a tapered furled and straight P-Line flourocarbon all the way down. I do add a tag towards the bottom for double or triple flies and depths (double for UTAH, triple for Idaho although most lakes there can use up to five).

    A friend I make the leaders for turned me on to this and it does work.
  19. Pond I also use a stiff small piece of mono for a butt section from my fly line so i can keep switching leaders and not have to keep cutting my fly line tip .

    I also like having a tapered leader for 12 ft. for over head casting smoothly, many have posted a straight leader and I might have to try that. my removable split shot goes above the first tippet knot on the #12 then #10 to the first fly then #8 to the second fly. I found hand tied 12# 12ft tapered leaders 5 for $13 on the internet, on my monthly income I can not afford to buy them at shops in fluorocarbon. these leaders work great so i buy them in the winter to stock up and not have to pay for them when i'm trying to pay for gas and such for trips . They also sell any size you want on dupont fluoro then I use orvis - rio- or umqua tippets . for saving money i do buy seaguar also.

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