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  1. For deep nymphing or chironomid fishing, a bead head microleech with a chironomid dropper from the hook bend is a great approach.

    A heavy bead on the microleech ( I use tungsten) helps get the chironomid down fast, and straightens the line below the indicator, making the indicator more sensitive than it would be if you had a somewhat long slack leader between the indicator and the fly.

    Plus the microleech gets hits too.

    highly recommended.

  2. Crap now i have to buy jig hooks and tie flies on them!

  3. Hi Jay,
    I have been to West Richland a few times...My sis and her hubby lived there on Ironton?....He was an engineer at Siemens....
    I really don't like casting tungheads..... plus those beads are expensive..... you say you want to get down fast... what's your hurry? I often fish down 18 -20 feet or so....if you use a straight leader of 3X ( no tapered leaders) a #10 barrel swivel and a 4-5' tippet along with a standard will take about one minute to go straight and casts nice too,,,,just saying.. Paul
  4. For the basin lakes chironomid fishing I like chromies (silver body/red rib/black bead), black body/red rib/black bead, and olive body/black rib/gold bead. All of these in sizes 12-18. I add an antron gill poking out the top of the bead on sizes 14 and larger and skip it on 16 and smaller. There are obviously unlimited color combos just using thread bodies/wire or crystal flash ribs/black, silver, gold, brass, white, or red beads. Blood worms in sizes 12-16. Red ultrafloss makes a nice blood worm. The beadhead mirco leech I posted a pic of earlier is also a staple in my box. Also, add a bead to a Rickards stillwater nymph and you have a great bug to hang under a bobber. I agree with others that say a beadhead micro leech with a chironomid dropper is a great combo for eastern WA. In the fall I usually replace the 'mid with a beadhead stillwater nymph.

  5. Tungsten IS expensive specially when you pay the same price for micro as you do the big ones but I guess it is all in the numbers. I buy Tungsten for my river fishing as I hate using split shot when using any kind of over head cast (I have not clipped a rod tip yet, knock on wood) specially if windy.
    As far as getting down fast, I have had times the fish hit before it hits the destinated depth so slow is good then, but there are those days when the mid water lever is covered with the smaller stockers and the big guys are on the bottom, so like faster sinking lines, I will put one or two BB size Tungsten split shot about 6" up from the second fly so it does drop faster.
    As a second choice, as jwg mentions he ties off the bend of the hook to straighten the line, a straighten line does help detect fish strike. I do it in a different way though with one hook on the bottom of the leader and then the tag allow both flies to wiggle specially if there is a underwater current. This has helped me get doubles I think. Or there is the Provo River bounce where you tie the split shot on the end of the leader then tie tags for the flies.
    One more note, I tie all my flies with a loop so they can wiggle more, even my dries. Also you can use heavier tippet on smaller flies. I use 6X on my #32.
  6. I don't want to catch fish that badly....

  7. Sorry Wabo, I will shut up now.
  8. Why do you have to continually knock what one person does! It gets very old looking at posts from some people putting down what other people do with there rigs.They are here to help other people and the methods that they use.If you dont like it or dont want to do it thats fine.
    If there is a show on tv that you dont like or agree with,do you keep watching? do you call the network and complain?NO you change the channel!
    Keep the comments out of the threads!
  9. I have to agree wabo! thanks for posting - I started this thread and ended up explaining myself and constantly being questioned about how much I KNOW ABOUT CRANE PRAIRIE and its insect life. It actually felt like i was being grilled and made out to be an idiot!

    Just because some like the "KISS" method (keep-it-simple-stupid) doesn't mean they are not good fisherman.

    There was very good info in this thread and i learned alot from it as i'm sure others have. doesn't mean I'm going to change every way i fish chiro's or use weight or indi's . keep the good stuff coming its been a good thread.--- One fishermans wrong can be anothers "RIGHT"
  10. I wasnt talking to you Blue.You just posted before i got to.
  11. Wabowman,
    I guess you may have been talking to me....If so my comment about "not wanting to catch fish that badly" is just how I feel about it. I wasn't attempting to put down anyone. I am an intense and competitive guy by nature but fishing provides a way to find what I call a "slow groove" which I think is a good thing... and I'm 64 years old....
    Blue is obviously a good angler but she is willing to do things like using tons of weight and multiple flies to catch fish..... my point would be all that gets too ugly (casting) and too complicated.....for me....

    With all due respect to all of you.....Paul
  12. I don't like tons of weight, but there are times that I need a little. That is why I use sinking lines so I don't have to use split shot or weighted flies. Deep nymphing with a floating line is a different story plus there is not as much casting and what casting there is is a roll cast. Now two flies I do like. No guarantee a fish is going to bite either, but I do fish to catch something, maybe that is my fault.
  13. Hi Blue,
    You mentioned using two bb size tungsten split shot..... that to me is a ton of weight...

  14. Do any of you use channel markers?

  15. I did. I generally use just one but did use two once, but I guess one is more than you like and that is cool. Whatever works for you.
  16. I had my first experience of fishing on a large reservoir where fish congregate in the old river channel this last fall. Wished I had channel markers. I do most of my fishing out of an inflatable kickboat and limit the amount of gear I carry . . .I just last year started using an anchor :). Eventually I'll buy a drift boat and rig it with electronics and channel markers.
  17. A bunch of fishers around here are using these now: #ht_831wt_929

    It beats the heck out of that big X on the water...LOL If you don't have GPS I think this is cool. I am going to do it this year.
    I get on top a killer school and I find I drift, or they pull , or kicking I loose that spot and spend way too much time trying to find it again. I guess anchoring can help, but I don't like anchoring.
  18. Just another option to consider for adding weight if you don't want to use or have tungsten beads or swivels readily available.

    With small metal beads, you can use three wraps of .010 lead on the hook shank behind the bead. Slide it up the shank into the bead and use the tips of some old tying scissors to pack it inside the bead. It doesn't add a lot of weight, but it noticeably increases the sink rate.
    You can use bigger lead with larger beads of course. I hope this tip helps others.
  19. God, take off for a couple of days and this thread explodes! Awesome stuff. I will say after reading all the posts that I'm looking forward to the new bank of knowledge I have to try during slow times on the water. I do catch a lot of fish with a vertical presentation (don't think I didn't see that post troutpocket :) ) and I believe I know a bit about it. I'll agree with Pond and Pocket on the fact that confidence and presentation become key. I like to catch lots of fish and I'm willing to throw weight, multiple flies, furled, tapered, untapered, etc... to do it and time and time again I've found that flexibility is the number one key. I do want to catch fish that badly and Pond no offence I catch more fish with two flies than one, and yes I've experimented, and yes I've fished next to one bug guys and I've outfished them. It sounds like you've only experienced fishing next to one person with two bugs, maybe they just aren't that good?


  20. This is awesome info, plus it helps keep the bead where it belongs. May I add for those that may not know, check your regs for the lead wire. Some places it is not legal, but there is alternatives. Bad thing about that, the alternatives are not as thin as lead can be.

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