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    It just dawned on me why you guys like/ need so much weight.... it's cause you're trolling or wind drifting so much of the time, no? If you're anchored, there is not the need..... a weighted fly only most of the time or add a #4 shot or a barrel for the deeper zones. You're standing and double hauling...... very rhythmic and graceful... like flyfishing ought to be... but that's just me......

    with all due respect......Paul
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    Not sure about the others who have posted, but I'm not trolling or wind drifting. I'm achored up.
    I like the additional weight on the my flies rather then using a barrel swivel or split. Just the way I prefer to fish.
    Based on the number of replies, it looks like everyone has techniques that work well for them. I always enjoy seeing what works for others and how I can incorporate it into my fishing.
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    Pond, I am sorry this all exploded. The wind does have some play but not all. As I said, I fish waters in 30'. In that 30' of water there could be 12" in the first 15' and 30" in the 28' mark. The added weight that is NOT always used, is now put on to get past those hungry smaller fish.
    Weight is not always used. Standing on shore, I agree all the way, I hate casting weight, but at times it is required. Maybe not a BB size (that is just the largest I go) I also use sink putty which does make casting easier. I have even used MUD on the fly its self to get it to sink quick.
    Not so much weight, just some weight. No trolling however, wind you can't really controll, I will put my back against the wind and kick to stay in one spot.
    As for the size, a BB is the size of a pepper corn, and a little bigger than 1/8 bead...not big to me.
    Just different that is all.
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    If you want a really deep stillwater (chironomid) experience..... you might try Sheridan Lake in BC....It's a big body of water, very clear, with a marl bottom. Summer months drive fish deep. Some guys fish in 50-60 feet of water. I heard of a gentleman from Washington.... an excellent stillwater angler btw who had a fifty plus fish afternoon a couple of years ago.....all over five pounds......using a fast sinking line, anchored up and fishing straight down...hang on tight....

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    That's the stuff dreams are made of Paul.
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    Hi Blue,
    About things "exploding" oh well I'm a big boy... most of what I have learned over the 30 plus years fly fishing has been ..... getting out a lot.... reading everything I could find and picking the brains of anglers more veteran than myself who I respect. I am not afraid to ask tons of questions of anglers who have gone before me... pioneering the way....
    Most of this occurred pre internet era.... pre fly fishing forums.... men are pretty sensitive I find..... You seem to be very secure in who you are and gracious as well....

    thank you...Paul
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    HI Blue,
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    Yes I did...NICE TIE thanks.

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    Here are a few that i tied today.

    Tell me what you think
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    AWESOME! Those glass beads are most Bodacious! I like them all but the first one is cool as heck.
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    What a great thread! Thank you Mark for starting this, and for all those who have contributed so much. I have learned an awful lot from all of you. It seems obvious to me that if I want to broaden my vertical presentation success rate that I would be best served by trying to learn all of these techniques. I think as I explore different stillwaters I will encounter quirky situations where some of these techniques could be the difference between a 4 fish afternoon and a 14 fish afternoon. I find merit in all of the techniques discussed, and will try to add each method to my arsenal. Everyone prefers to do things a little differently, and for me I simply enjoy catching fish on a fly rod. I enjoy fish caught trolling just as much as fish caught on a bobber, and just as much as fish caught stripping. I love catching big fish, little fish, red fish, blue fish... I don't care. I love to fish. I love to catch fish. Beyond that, I really don't care. To each their own.

    Great flies Wabo! One thing is for sure, this thread has inspired me to tie once again. I simply cannot buy flies like the ones shown in shops that I know of. Pond, I LOVE that micro leech. I would buy the hell out of them if I could find them around here. I love the bead for getting it down quick. I fish similar patterns that I buy online, but they are just a bit different. Blue, And all the mid's on this thread are simply amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that in the near future I will be picking up some more tools and getting back at it. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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    l just tied these this afternoon while watching Oprah...
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    I have been following this thread with interest. I started fishing chironomids last year after Ira's clinic (which was great - should do that again), and have had some success. But, I was wondering how most people tie up there double fly rigs. Do you leave an extra long tag line when tying in the tippet, to the eye or hook bend of the top fly, or use a swivel to the tippet and tie to that. Thanks - I'm learning a lot.
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    On stillwater, I use LONG leaders so I two different ways. 1. Tie a 12" tag to the leader about 2' to 3' up from end using a Double Surgeon knot. 2. I use a Gamakatsu dropper bead (small will work up to 3X)
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    View attachment 47847

    Nick -Here is a crappy pic of how i set-up quite often. 12# 12ft. hand tied tapered fluoro leader (fluoro sinks so it's faster) to 3 ft. of 10# fluoro tippet to the first fly then 3 ft. of 8# fluoro to the bottom fly. lengths change for depth!

    I showed a large weight so you can see it is removable, I can change split when ever i want this way. the split is at the first tippet knot, then a tungsten bead head fly, then I tie a leader on the bend of the top hook to go down to the bottom steel white bead chiro.

    When its not to windy I put enough weight on to turn the indicator peg straight-up, the indicator will lay side-ways until the flies and weight are all straight down, then the indicator will turn straight up and the peg will be pointing to the sky! This way I know when everything has sunk to depth and can tell if it get hits before its at its deepest so if need be i can adjust depth. It only takes a small split shot but does depend on how big your indicator is for how big of split to use. I also paint the bottom of the indicator black for shallow water. I've had more then one fish take the indi down while working it on super calm days. I anchor fish out of drift boat and I know i have to start tying my flies on with a loop knot but this seems to work just fine for me. Its fast and simple - just like i like things! I'm still upping my game ;-)~

    Pond I used to be able to tie fast but not any more - your oprah comment show was funny!

    Blue thanks for the package-love the drilled out peg! Do you just use a regular drill on that with small bit? I would think so. I will send a PM about the leader, seems my tapered ones would be just as stiff for turn over? Thanks again!

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    The rigs that you guys are talking about remind me of a dropshot rig used in bass fishing.It is used when fish are suspended in the water colum. It is tied using a polomar knot with a long tag end that is run back through the eye of the hook to make it stand out away from the line to eliminate tangals and better present the lure.I normaly has an 1/8 to 1/2 oz wieght on the bottom but i would put a jig head type lure on it.
    I could see how this kind of rig could work with 2 flies instead.You can make the bottom fly as far away from the top fly as you want just by makin the tag end as long as you wanted.
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    A couple other tips if you don't like adding heavy weight to your chironomids, micro leeches etc (and the regs allow): - add the smallest barrel swivel a few feet above your fly. It helps keep your fly from rotating slowly (happens even if you use a loop knot) and it helps sink an unweighted rig. Buy a drogue and learn to fish with it. You will look forward to fishing windy days. Its a great option to static fishing (on anchor), it lets you cover water slowly and your flies will sink effectively. UK tournament fishers use them a lot, along with washer rigs, boobies etc. Fishing with a drogue has become one of my favorite ways to fish from a boat on stillwater.
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    Springtime in BC...!
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    Looks like American Bay to me.