Chironomids for Pass Lk

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dryfly, May 6, 2006.

  1. I hear it's been slow up at Pass Lk. lately but since I'm going to be in the Anacortes area Sunday, I may toss a line out there.

    Last check of my chrono box had standard Vrib reds, greens, blacks and some snowcones. Any other Chironomid recommendations to add specific to fussy trout :confused:

  2. PM Randy Diefert.

    He ties up some killer liquid lace mids that I've found great success with out at Pass, Dry Falls (ask anyone at the Dry Falls outing), etc...

    I believe he is marketing them now along with some of his other fantastic patterns for a reasonable price.

  3. Does he have any pics of those liquid lace midges?
  4. In the gallery under fly swaps, he's been in a few and submitted liquid lace chiro's, as well as some other innovative liquid lace patterns.
  5. I have those flies already tyed for sale and also the materials to tye them with and will give you the recipes. If you're interested just PM me.
    I just came back from a weekend up at Hidden Lake out of Enderby,BC and they're hot right now...;)

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