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    This. I fish a lot of chirnos at 20+/- with a release indicator...I don't call it "casting".
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    It was a relatively mild winter and ice off came early. The aerator in Big Twin kept an ice free area all winter, so chances are good for some big over-winter fish. A friend caught a 24" trout last year right in front of my cabin (in 30' of water) Rick
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    Will you be there this weekend? Any thoughts on fishing L. Twin? I've never fished it. If Lindsey catches a 24in trout I feel sorry for him. She be more that happy watching from shore and sipping a lemond drop while I fished. We'll be more that happy with lots of fisty 16 inchers. Hopefully Davis will put out some nice hold overs.
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    Saturday and Monday are shown as "breezy" on the weather report.
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    So whats new? Don't you know its always breezy in E. WA. Will rent a boat on B. Twin that will hopefully make it still fishable.
    Get that garage done yet? I would have thought you got that motor and battery by now.
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    Great chironomid tips everyone.

    Here is my chironomid indicator set up:

    Self made chironomid quick release slip indicator for Maxima Ultra Green 8lb.:

    Beau Mac Cheater (color #1 luminous/top painted fl. orange, tear drop shape) #8 1/2" dia., #6 5/8" dia. (most used size) & #4 3/4" dia., narrow end towards the chironomids, weighted enough to tip the Cheater up right. When there is a slack line bite, rising towards the surface. The Cheater will roll over on its side.

    Drill 3/32" .094 dia. hole. (for Maxima U. G. 8lb., Q-Tip tube peg being not tapered, for larger lb. line, drill a larger hole to fit the line being used/pegged)

    3/8" long .088 dia. Q-Tip clear tube peg (Dollar Tree cheap ones), lighter melted lip on one end, peg the quick release slip indicator towards the chironomids.

    I prefer the Q-Tip tube peg over the sinking black plastic tapered float/indicator pegs because the Q-Tip tube peg is much smaller, lighter and floats. Making the whole indicator weigh much less. I'll rig the sliding Q-Tip tube peg on the fly side of the leader for a few of reasons. Tangles are less. The Cheater pushes the Q-Tip tube peg down the leader after disengaging. The Q-Tip tube peg has the smaller hole than the Cheater, allowing the use of a smaller barrel swivel to stop the indicator. The barrel swivel stops and saves the indicator if the tippet breaks. Use the right size rubber float stop if a barrel swivel is not wanted.

    Airflo 5' Trout 12lb. .012 dia. Float Poly Leader

    25' tapered adjustable double chironomid leader for the self made chironomid quick release slip indicator (excellent adjustable naked chironomid leader also, just remove the indicator):

    Maxima U. G. 8lb. .012 dia. 5' 1" Perfection loops on each end.
    Maxima Fluoro. 10lb. .011 dia. 5' 1" Perfection loops on each end.
    Maxima Fluoro. 8lb. .010 dia. 5' 1" Perfection loops on each end.
    Maxima Fluoro. 6lb. .009 dia. 5' 1" Perfection loops on each end.
    (Perfection loop knots are small enough for the Q-Tip tube peg to slide over them)

    Black Barrel Swivel: #10 - #14, leader - tippet looped to the barrel swivel, indicator stop, weight adjustment.

    Tippet: Maxima Fluoro. 6lb. .009 dia. for #14 chironomids and larger, 4lb. .007 dia. for #16 chironomids and smaller, 1" Perfection loop - 3' - Blood knot, trimmed tags - 2' to a small Uni loop knot to the lower/point chironomid/blood worm, 5' total.

    Upper dropper tippet: Maxima Fluoro. 6lb. .009 dia. or 4lb. .007 dia., 1" Perfection loop - 3" to a small Uni loop knot to a chironomid, 4" total. Looped to the tippet above the Blood knot.

    The quick release slip indicator stays/pegs to the Maxima 8lb. U. G., 5' section for 5' of indicator depth adjustment. More depth/leader length adjustments are with the middle leader sections, starting with 10lb. first, then 8lb., then 6lb. Mark leader wallet pockets for different lb. leader sections. 4" upper dropper tippets can be pre tied for the upper chironomid and looped on and off the tippet above the Blood knot.

    A nymph/indicator/bass taper floating fly line, lined up a weight or two above the rod weight will help cast a long chironomid leader, because of the short length of fly line outside the rod tip. Try to have at least the same length of fly line outside the rod tip as the length of the leader, before making the cast. Roll cast 2-3 times to work the fly line out and the long leader to the surface, then pick up to cast.

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    Grey Ghost, thanks for the advice. Am I reading your post correctly? You use a polyleader, four sections of maxima and then two tippet diameters? That's a seven sections in all. I haven't tried vertical yet, but sort of envisioned using one section of floro and then maybe some tippet.
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    Hi Bob-I won't be over until Tuesday, and then through until the weekend. Thought I would skip the opening day crowds! Rick
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    It`s my understanding that the Brassie was developed in Alberta as a chironomid imitation for targeting some of the very large whitefish they have in many of their northern lakes .

    I`ve used them , with success , on a few of the lakes around Kamloops.
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    I always thought you just had one oar in the you do that on purpose huh? :rolleyes:
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    You have everything right except the tippet.

    I'll only use one diameter at a time for the whole tippet set up, usually 6lb. for #14 chironomids and larger. Then I'll drop down to 4lb. for #16 chironomids and smaller.

    The beauty of the 25' tapered adjustable chironomid leader is quick and easy leader length changes. Like 25' to 15' by unlooping the middle 10lb. and 8 lb. fluoro. sections and relooping the remaining sections together.

    Mark leader wallet pockets to keep the unloop sections organized and easy to identify for relooping in to lengthen the leader again.
    No need for multiple leader lengths and tying more knots. Once all set up, it is all loop to loop changes and no knots tied. It may seem a little extreme, but it does make a very versatile chironomid leader.

    I hope this helps some.

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    I was wondering myself about all the diff lines, I haven't given myself the chance to get that detailed with the line. I do like the interchangeable lines and being able to slip them apart and not retie all the time. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Ok, my quick two cents.

    I won't use swivels on my leaders anymore, because the fish will eat them or at least try to causing you to "miss" takes. I also wonder about split shot and weeds on knots. To bring the flies down I tend to use tungsten beads fairly exclusively.

    I also am a peg up guy with a tear drop style indicator. I like the indicator to sit on its side so I can witness the much more subtler takes when the indicator tips slightly, pauses, moves sideways, etc...

    I second the idea of soaking whatever you want under an indicator.
  14. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    Do you put the narrow end towards the flies or toward the reel? When using the teardrops (and I've used them and the round ones but didn't notice a difference--maybe I should reconsider), I have always put it towards the reel, with the thought that it's more aerodynamic for casting that way.
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    Toward the reel, it gives a better indication which is what the thing is for. At times the fish take so subtly that something as much as a simple mm tip is all I need to set the hook and if the peg is down it is much harder to see. Tear drop is by far better than round.
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    Hi Bob, hope you are having a great weekend fishing. If you need to stock up your chironomids this may be my chance to finally thank you for saving my Sage VXP in that parking area in Cle Elum. I tie and could put together a batch for you, can't promise quality but they should work most of the time! Just say the word and I'll put together a couple dozen. And just FYI, my rod is expected back from Sage repair today! Ron
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    I want to thank you guys for this thread and the information you provided. As I stated earlier in this thread, I am pretty new to the lake and chirono gig, I just started a couple of years ago. I have had some success, and manage to catch a few fish using this method, but utilizing the info you have graciously posted here, I went to Lenice today and employed some of the strategies and methods you suggested. I had the best day ever. The weather was perfect, a little breezy at times, but no problems. I brought about a dozen rainbows to the net ranging in size from 12" and the biggest (2) at 17". My buddy Wayne, gave me a couple of Irafly's blood worms a couple of weeks ago. Those proved to be effective. I did not see any mayfly activity, but I tied on a micro mayfly in a size 20 and that, for some reason proved to be the fly of the day. Unbelievable. I lost more fish than I brought to the net.
    I have tried chirono fishing 10 times or so in the last couple of years, but due to lack of action or success, got bored and changed up to something else. Not today, I stuck with it and it proved to be very successful.
    Thanks, guys. Your suggestions and expertise helped me to get a better idea of of the fundamentals and your tactics of chirono fishing. It was a great day. And the first sunburn of the year. Should have been more prepared for that..., Irafly and Jeff Dodd like this.
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    It's fun when it works out, ain't it?

    Well done. The anti-bobber naysayers can bite it. You are not alone on the sunburn thing.
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    I put my peg on top also. The furled leader thing for sure, but putting it on the fly end also makes sense as the peg might not come out of the float. Which if you should happen to break off, would be a good thing.
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    You bobber guys.....