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  1. Well I came back Sunday evening after spending 4 day fishing in the okanogon. I had a decent trip that would have been great if it wasn't windy for the 4 days that I was there. Yes the wind bitch followed me all four days on 3 different lakes.
    I like to thank all of you for your help and answers to my chirono questions. To make a long story short. I landed 37 fish with 18 on chirono's. I would have caught a few more if it weren't for the wind and a few other mishaps like a broken hook 4 take downs later.
    Because of the wind, I was only able to fish the extreme southern end of blue in the sinlahiken for the two days I was there. I caught a few on chirono's but I should have been able to do better. I watched two others fishermen catch 20 or so apiece each of those days. They gave me some tips on what they were using and how deep they were fishing, very frustrating. I just couldn't seem to find the right spot, depth or fly or a combo of those three. If I could have fished more of blue I would have caught more fish. Two days there netted me 19 fish with at least 10 missed take downs and more than a few LDR's but only 4 on Chirono's
    My best chirono day was on Sat at a different lake where I went 14 for 18 fish on chirono's if you count the lone blue gill I caught on a chirono.
    On Sun I fish another lake for 3.5 hours in the wind with not even a bump on both chirono's or streamers on a full sink. So I headed home around 2pm.
    I know I'm not there yet and have to sharpen my chirono skills but its the best weekend I ever had fishing chirono's.:)
  2. Baby steps Bob. As long as you learn something everytime you go out, it's a plus. Everybody has a learning curve fishing chronies.
  3. Now if I could only fish with the MASTERS, you, IRA or Scott for a few days. I bet my learning curve would be lessened a bit.
    Did you finished the garage yet? Was it windy by you this weekend?
    I plan to fish May 16-19 in the Okanongon again. Maybe we can meet up
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  4. Absolutely! I learned more in one day on the water with Ira than I might have learned weeks out on my own. It's awesome to get out with somebody experienced who is willing to share.
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  5. Ira, He Da Man
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  6. Ahh, your making me blush :oops:, where is my piece of humble pie? Thanks guys, it is my pleasure to give back, after all I am actively creating my army of indicator watchers, we will one day take over the stillwater universe.
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  7. I fished a chirono set up for the first time today. Here is my set up:

    Type 3 sinking line (no bobber ;) )

    bugger/chirono/soft hackle tied to 3-4 feet of tippet.

    I tied another chirono trailing the first with about 12-18 inches tippet.

    I fished circles in the 10-20ft range.

    I threw out my line and kept getting strikes

    Fun day over 20 strikes
  8. Do any of you peg bobber guys have an image you could share of your setup? I'm having a hard time picturing the rigging (reading is hard, ok!).
  9. You'll be happy to know that I started teaching my dad what I have learned about indicator fishing. He did pretty well on opening day and definitely likes the method.
  10. Yeah, don't let Ira's generosity fool ya. He wants you to believe he simply loves to help people learn, but the truth of the matter is he will not be happy until every square inch of surface of every lake is covered with an indicator! He shares so much out of his own selfish desire to be able to watch other people's indicators!! It's a grand conspiracy, I tell ya!

    On a serious note, I owe every bit of indicator success I have had these past couple years directly to Ira.
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  11. Here is some info. on Phil Rowley's Quick Release Indicators.

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