Choose an MVP: Mini marathon Trout Swap 2014

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Chose an MVP: Mini Marathon Trout Swap 2014

Poll closed Aug 6, 2014.
  1. Ron McNeal

  2. Teenage Entomologist

  3. Travis Bille

  4. Bonsai

  1. I have one question? Are those porcupine quills for legs? I had looked at flies tied like this and found that some tiers use porcupine quills and heat them with a hot pen for the bend or leg segments.
  2. The swap was fun. I got caught behind the 8 ball a couple of times. Had to mail one set from Florida when I went to visit my daughter and couldn't get to the post office at home.
    There was a lot of good talent exhibited in this swap. Tight lines to all.
  3. If you guys could mail some examples , it would make it easier to vote!!

  4. Turkey Biots. You can use rubberlegs and put a micro amount of zap-a-gap where you want it to bend and it will bend the opposite way of where you applied the glue.
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  5. Kind words of support from the original Marathon Fly Swap swapmeister, thank you.

    Also nice to see input from the undisputed MVP of the last 2009 Marathon Fly Swap!
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  6. I'm looking forward to next years marathon swap!
  7. Bringin' it back to the top.
  8. So who'd you vote for?
  9. Give it to the kid he'll probably get more use out of it just saying
  10. I voted for you. Your ties are great and neatly tied, not to say anyone else's weren't.
  11. Thanks! I haven't voted haha, I didn't know if it was ethical
  12. Don't worry bout' it.:)
  13. I might have to vote for myself because you're starting to run away with it! Good job man!
  14. Hmmmm, never gave voting for myself a thought. Can I vote more than 5 or 6 times?
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  15. hard choice ,i had to go for travis for two reasons. biggest piece of meat & purple flies.
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  16. Appreciated! Those big streamers work wonders
  17. Well, i would just like to say congrats to TE, your masterfully tied flies were well deserving of MVP! Fill that box of and meet me at the trinity in a few weeks!
  18. This swap was great! Everyone tied great flies, and all have well deserving places in my fly boxes and in many trout's mouths.
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  19. I'm thinking of disqualifying TE! He failed to properly disclose his change from amateur to professional status. I'll have to check the MMTS 2014 rule book.

    Four days left, but it looks like the kid has put this out of reach. Thanks to all who have voted!
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  20. As the next in line for the box, I support the disqualification! Not really, he deserves it

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