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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Akuriko, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Hello, i been looking at and pondering a spey/switch rod for steelhead and salmon and was looking at redington possibly or orvis or another brand if you recommend it, i would like your opinion on it.

  2. I like my Beulah's, worth a look.
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  4. Echo
  5. +1 Echo
  6. Moriston Convert
  7. learning on a spey rod (12'6"+) is easier though, plus ARE is still cheaper
  8. Z Axis 7136-4 they don't make it any more but if you can find a used one, it a great rod. I love mine.
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  9. just get a brownie, windcutter, 15' type vi and go to town!
  10. ECHO im a TR kinda guy, or the Dec Hogan if you need a slightly deeper bending stick.

    I have casted that redington dually which is pretty nice, but i prefer the erect stifness and asswhooping of the TR
  11. Redington dually all the way. I own two of them. Echo's classic in the exact same pricepoint sucks balls.
  12. Having two of the same rods helps you catch twice as many fish. Too bad for danielocean that two times zero is still zero
  13. The amount of rods one owns has nothing to do how many fish that person can catch. Hell even I know that.
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  14. Did you learn that one from the rookies log?:)
  15. Hell I think I learned it from you.
  16. Re-read your log then, as I assure you I had nothing to do with that nonsense.:)
  17. I had a St Croix Imperial 14' 9/10/11wt. With a big reel to match. It was a three piece. But I got tired of it and gave it all up. I prefer using a single hander in small sizes. I have an 8wt that I used in the winter time before the Spey rod thing. Now it sits in a closet in the dark. Biggest rod I use now is a 6wt and only in the winter time with nymphs.
  18. I am not reading that stupid thread again.
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  19. True, but if someone ends up not enjoying spey style casting, they're stuck with an unusable rod. A switch rod is great for high sticking, nymphing and still overhead casts pretty well (like a dream if you use your bottom hand for more power).

    Lifetime warranty? Aluminum rod tube? Burlwood/aluminum reel seat? PacBay components? We all know cheaper is not necessarily better ;)
  20. I'll sell you an entire ARE 13ft 7wt spey outfit with a Skagit max and custom sgs Scandinavian head for $200 in great shape if you're around the Seattle area. I'll even teach you to cast scandi before and if you don't like it don't buy it (I have little skagitude).

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