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    I fished there this weekend Thur - Sun. A friend arrive a head of me on Monday and fished until the end of Sat. I did not do very well there. I blanked on Thur, wind, and 4 ldr of fish in deep water. Caught between 7and 8 fish the other days. Most were caught fishing on type 4 sinking line in deep water, two on chrono's and one on a dry emerger. My friend did a bit better, but all of his fish were caught on dries and chrono's. He caught 7 one day on dries in the extreme S. end of the lake. The may fly hatch is not very strong yet. It was cold in the mornings and windy for a good part of the day. We tried fishing chrono's from his raft with very little success. I think we started too early and none were hatching until around noon, which was when the dries came out.
    Some guys did very well fishing chrono's and one guy caught over 20 on dried. He was fishing next to my friend. He said this guy could really cast very long and well and had the right fly. He was getting refusals with his trusty chopaka emerger and could not find another dry they liked. We did not catch any fish over 18. I did hear of some bigger one's caught at night.
    To the guy fishing with his girlfriend from the zodiak, Dude you da man. You where fishing at the south end of the lake on Sat and my friend said you must have caught 20 on dries. Sorry I forgot you WFF site name. I'm the gut met last year with the two Britany's
    I caught some fish in the evening before dark but none after dark. One guy said I should have been fishing in the shallows with a dry or intermediate line. He said he did very well after dark doing that. I can't believe there were no fish in the deeper water after dark when I caught fish and got many hits at dusk. What do you guys think.
    Most of you experienced guys will do very well there. Being the hack that I am , I'm happy with 10 to 15 fish days at any lake up that way and even less some times. Need to get the chrono fishing down better and fishing dries in a chopaka gail always sucks for me.
    P{lan to head up there again this weekend with the girlfriend for 4 days. Don't know if we will hit Chopaka, but the two blues are on our hit list. Oh ya, all the camp spots wer taken when I arrived on Wen evening, I was lucky to be able to camp with my friend.

    PS: to the guy that fliped his pontoon over in the dark, I do believe a higher power had some thing to do with helping you make it to shore. I doubt he would have helped a poor bastard like me.
    Get a new and wider pontoon boat Dude. :)
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    I have been there twice and am happy to listen to an honest report. Chopaka is not the lake it has been in the past. Several years of extreme drought have done a number on the ecology of the lake. The days of catching 30 fish on a size 10 gray humpy are gone for good. I have also noticed fewer and fewer of the larger chironomids which seems to be a trend for most of the lakes in the valley. The few good hatches of Callibaetis seem to have little duration.

    I did speak to a fellow who said "the hatch" lasted from 12:30 to 5:30. This might be possible but sporadic.

    I have also noticed shallower and shallower water at places where there was once 40-plus feet of water. Now the depths do not reach 30 feet. This is an alarming dilemma that was pointed out in an earlier post pertaining to eutrophication.

    Honestly, the days may come when the dry-siders will be traveling to the Wet Side for the remaining lakes that hold salmonids!
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    Chopaka is up a lot. The highest it has been in years
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    How is this a NFR. You posted about fishing and catching fish. NFR stands for Non Fishing Report
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    Old Man,
    Must have hit the wrong button, Sorry.
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    Grat report! Thank you.