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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bwillroll, Aug 20, 2006.

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    I had a wonderful time Friday packing my float tube and gear up to this small lake along the chuckanut area near Bellingham. The first half of the trail is grueling! Had they not heard of switchbacks in they day they made this route? The trail eventually becomes manageable and a pleasant walk through the woods. I was in the water by 1pm and soon was distracted by two Osprey dueling it out over fishing rights I guess. It was interesting to watch since it was only me and the osprey. I finally settled into a shaded part of the lake where I had noticed some rises near the shore by some downed logs. I tied on a greenish stimulater #14 and soon was into fish. Six healthy rainbows all caught near shore in the shade and all on that one dry fly. I was surprised at the size of the fish! Healthy and fat and all in the mid teens. Much bigger then stocker fish I would have assumed to have caught. I had been up to this lake before a few weeks ago and caught 15 fish but most were in the 9 to 10 inch range, which was a great trip catching fiesty fish on my four weight. So it was a nice surprise. A great day.
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    Sweet! I grew up in b'ham and went to college there at western. I used to love going up to those lakes, beautiful setting, willing fish, nice walk to get there... Ahh, the good old days...

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    I'm not in college anymore either, so the hike was a little strenous for this out of shape thirty something. I used to go up there all the time during my days at WWU, but that was before I picked up a fly rod. A little work and you have a decent fishery all to yourself. Good times in deed.
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    Depends on the time of year and which lake. We used to fish Fragrance Lake a lot up there and after awhile my buddies renamed it "Dog Lake" because everybody and their dog went in there....

    There are some good lakes up there, but they tend to be cyclical. They stock them, and after about 3 years they get pretty well fished out until the next round. If you catch it just right you can find some nice fish. I once got a "double holdover" that had managed to survive 2 cycles. He was around 24-26" (TRUE 24-26", not a fisherman's 24-26"). Came in like a log with no fight, but to this day it is the biggest lake-dwelling trout I have caught in Western Washington. This includes fish I have caught at Lone and Pass.
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    Yep, I remember Dog Lake well. Maybe for nastalgic purposes, we should hit it this fall.

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    I like to fish Pine lake. It's harder to get to and I've never had company in the three or four times I've been there. Your usually catching smaller fish, but the last time I was there every fish I caught was fifteen inches plus. Not
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    Shh! (*sheesh*)

    (...ever been there during an ant fall?)
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    Ah.. Fragrance the 70's we called it Naked Lake.
    Where hippies would go to let their freak flag (or flags), fly!
    I didn't even consider that their might be trout present. Amazing
    what one can learn from this sight! Wouldn't mind a nostalgic
    trip this fall myself.