chukar and quail

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  1. Was out last weekend and got into a bunch of chukar. Our group of three only managed two birds. Shot many many times though and had fun and a great workout for the legs. Oh well first outing this year.
    Next day got into many quail and managed to shoot a bit better. I know the quail were chewed on a bit. Still working with my dog.
  2. good looking dog. The only kind of pointer i would ever get would be a vizsla.
  3. Nice. That's a great looking dog you have there. I hunt chukar more than valley quail, but I have to say valley quail are my favorite birds to hunt with pointing dogs, and I think they taste better than chukar.

    I have a hunting partner who is looking towards a vizsla for his first dog. If you don't mind, I'll PM you and ask for details on your dog.

  4. how many is "a bunch" of chukar? are you seeing a good hatch in the areas you hunt?
  5. Beautiful picture of a really good looking dog. He looks very proud of himself!
  6. Last week got into a couple dozen chukar. This week same area only saw one, but only hunted two hours due to snow and rain.. I think the weather pushed them to a different area. The area we hunt is tough access and takes quite a bit of climbing. Overall, chukar numbers seem spotty this year. Talked to other hunters and fish and game guys in E WA and seems numbers are down.

    Quail numbers in Yakima County appear to be good this year
  7. He may not look it, but that's a happy dog.
  8. I tend to agree with you on the chukar counts, even though I haven't chased them as much as I have quail this season. The usual places I've hunted had birds, but not quite in the number they were this time last year. Still, it's kind of early for me to tell.
  9. Found a chukar
  10. WOW! That dog is intense!! Great picture, definitely one worth framing.
  11. That is a great picture! I really like the contrast in colors between the foreground and the sky.
  12. Good point!!!

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