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  1. hey anyone no of any good chukar hunting locations. i was at the yakima canyon and went across the bridge only to walk about a mile or so in to find about 10 more hunters so i was wondering if there are any less crowed areas to chase these little guys
  2. i know of some great hunting down around Winnemucca or in the Tobin Mnts, also some really good hunting out by Halfway and Richland.
  3. where are those mountains? and richland i have not seen to much public land there? hey thanks for the help though?:thumb::beer2:
  4. Chasin chuckers is a heart attack looking for a place to happen.
  5. Did you run into the other hunters along the stream or up on the ridge tops? My experience with that area is that there a lot more people lower along the stream than up on either ridge. However I have not hunted there in the past 5 years, maybe it is getting more pressure lately.
  6. ummmm.... yeah :beathead:
  7. If you're up for a long drive, head over and hunt breaks above the Snake, near Wawawai. When I was being enlightened at WSU, we used to chase the wiley red legs down there all the time. Of course that was 20 years ago, but I imagine there are still birds around.
  8. I love chasing after chukar. Kind of like steelhead- A lot of work with little results, but fun none the less. Try Quilomene area by Ellensburg. Vernita Bridge area too. Just hunt tops of the ridges an rimrock. I have been getting into a fair number of birds this year. The more they are pressured the nastier areas they seem to head to. Fortunate to have a dog like a billy goat. I always bring a hiking pole to help navigate the rough terrain. PM me maybe can help with suggestions
  9. ribka- just wondering how you are hunting the stuff by vernita now that hanford fenced it off and posted it???
  10. Wawawai is good, I haven't hunted it since I was in school either, but I know that area, and there is no way there aren't birds there. Take a call, and listen. Lots of places on the N. side (sunny side) of the breaks of the Snake and breaks of the Clearwater.

    Bring your lunch...
  11. I haven 't hunted for many years, but used to be an avid chukar hunter. Some of my favorite spots were:

    Umptanum Creek Canyon, off Umptanum Road. You can hunt either side of the Canyon, and either west or east from the road.

    Years ago, there was a footbridge across the Yakima at Wymer. Today, you'd need a boat to cross the River. Lots of chukars for those willing to climb.

    Douglas Creek Canyon near Pallisades.

    Quilomene Creek.


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