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  1. Playing with Trigg's Chum Baby (Chester Allen Tie) and Doug Rose Variation (blue). First Picture is the Chester Allen/Trigg. Second is my modification with just a touch of white for the belly. Third is the blue Rose suggestion with my white belly. The final picture is an actual Chum fry. Don't know how they'll fish, but I'm not unhappy with any of the ties. At this point all were tied on Mustad size 6 stainless with 5/32 brass beads. Also need to tie some w/o beads for dead-drift, injured simulation.
    One thing I noticed. Be sure to use head cement at the base of the wing before tieing the collar, otherwise the squirrel hair pulls out.
    Anybody with additional input?

    IMGP0004.JPG IMGP0002.JPG IMGP0003.JPG ChumFry.JPG
  2. After looking at the blue side-by-side with the actual fry, I'm thinking of using a marker to add 3 or 4 vertical bands in the blue material.
  3. looking good
  4. IMG_0450-1.JPG Good tip on head cement. All hard, slippery hairs like squirrel, fox, and black or polar bear hair benefit from a drop or two to hold them in place. I tie my Chum Babies very sparsely, trying to achieve a more translucent appearance. I use about eight strands of Krystalflash and only about half as much squirrel hair as I would use in a normal hair wing.
  5. Hey, Preston, is that a Gamakatsu hook? Looks like a pretty fine wire.
  6. What with/how are you doing your collars?
  7. isn't the above pic of a parr another species? didn;t remember chum having parr marks. could have them mixed up with pinks.
  8. I like Preston's collar better than mine. I've tried a couple of different sparkle chennile's and they've both been too bulky. Guess I have to dig out or buy something different.
    Re: the fry image. I double checked all I could find and they all had parr marks. The image I saw of a smolt did not. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
  9. The collar looks like peacock herl; that's what I usually use.
  10. Yes, Gamakatsu SS15; the collar is peacock herl, four strands, two turns.

    Smoltification is the process of undergoing the physiological changes which enable a freshwater fish to survive in a saltwater environment and the most obvious visual indication of this is an increasingly silvery appearance. Chum fry begin to smoltify almost as soon as they emerge from the gravel but probably don't lose their parr marks until they have actually been in salt water for a while. Chum fry have parr marks, pinks do not.
  11. Ya...the question on the collar was for the OP. I know Preston's is peacock herl. I admit I'm not the sharpest pencil in the pack but I'm not the one with the chewed off erasure, ground to a nub, can't hold in your hand anymore pencil either.
  12. I tied a few up the other day with a flat pearlescent mylar body, sparse like Preston's, with 3-4 strands of Krystal Flash and no beadhead. Two casts and we were into some cutthroats!

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