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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rob Ast, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I finally caught my first chum on the fly yesterday. Hooked 4, landed 2 (broke one off when I realized he was foul hooked in the tail). Put a nice bend in the TFO TiCr 8wt. Teton Tioga magnum worked well. All the action occured at a popular Dyes Inlet estuary. There must have been 20-30 people out there, about half of them fly guys - any of you here? Of note, I was at the same estuary Monday when lots of fish were active, but I only saw 2 hook-ups in three hours. Yesterday everyone seemed to be catching.
  2. any photos to get me amped up to go tangle with some junkyard dogs?
  3. Nice going robast! I recently caught my first chum on a fly and it was a blast! I've gotten a handful of them so far, but haven't had my fill yet!! And for you Jon, here is a couple pics of mine to wet the appetite!
  4. I went to the same well know fishery this morning with my new fly rod. I am also a 69 year old fly fishing novice. The fish were boiling in the channel. Reminded me of my days at hoodsport. I tied on store chum candy and began to work into the pile. I saw one fish taken and after about an hour I decided to change flys. I dug into the old fly box and found this ugly looking thing that I had tied up myself. It didn't look like anything that the pros were casting. But what the heck I am a rookie so I can put on what I like. Two casts later and WHAM I was connected to my first salmon on a fly rod. I was like a kid on his first date. I got plenty of advice and after about 20 minutes Mr Chum and I arrived at the beach. I got a couple pictures and put him back into the water, making sure he was alright. Yep I got a couple pictures and if it works right I am adding them for proof. First salmon, first time used a personnaly tied fly.

    Mike L
  5. Good work Mike! That's awesome that you caught your first salmon on a self-tied fly. The fact that it's both a first salmon and a first landed fish on your own tie, I would say you should retire that fly to the personal hall of fame. I don't want to take anything away from the experience or knock you in any way, but I would like to offer some photo taking constructive criticism. If you do intend to release a fish (which it sounds like you did from your post), avoiding contact with the gills will increase the chance of survival. I would suggest a tight grip around the caudal peduncle (between the tail and the adipose fin) with one hand and the other hand under the belly of the fish. It's not only a lot easier on the fish but it displays the fish better for photos. Check the gallery and you'll see plenty of photos with this grip. No big deal at all though, just a suggestion. Congrats again on your catch. Thanks for the photos as well Dinker. I can't wait to get a chance to go get after one or two myself.
  6. so do people there actually keep chums?
  7. Congratulations Mike,

    Your smile says it all.

    Tight lines,

  8. Im thinkin about heading out this weekend around poulsbo/kingston area to see if i can get one of these chum on fly rod for first time.... hopefully i will figure it out and pull in a few....hopefully :)

    PS: awesome fish
  9. Well done Mike!
  10. I think it is funny that everyone knows where this is but no one is saying anything about the name. Especially with the pics. Are they still giving out permission slips? Also how are the numbers in the salt.
  11. Jon- sorry, no photos - I find it hard to bother with a camera when I'm fishing by myself.

    South Sound - yep, still giving out permission slips
  12. I don't but some people do. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in AK.bawling:
  13. No kidding! They're okay to catch I guess, not my preferred species, but keeping them?

    To each their own...
  14. nice fish guys! i cant wait to get some!
    if anyone keeps the fish and it is a hen with eggs ,and do not want the eggs, i will take them.
  15. Chum salmon can be retained for smoking. You need to select firm, strong fish that are not in too deterioated, bleed them on the spot and soak them in an ice chest on the way home. The best brine in my opinion is the old A.J. McClane recipe which is a very short brining that works well. I believe that you can pull it up on Google.
    Select only males for this purpose. The hens are usually jamed with eggs and offer very little flesh to smoke.
    I do not infer that a smoked chum will stand up to a piece of prime smoked coho. I have however had some that went down pretty well along with a good winter ale.
  16. I agree with Les. I like to save the cohos for the bbq and the oven, and I happen to like chum for the smoker. I have a homemade smoker that I made out of an old metal fridge, and prefer the "cold" smoked method, but usually it takes a few days, but worth it, in my opinion. Nothing like a good piece of smoked fish with a nice winter ale, yum!
  17. i forget who asked if "people actually eat chum" however, i know personally that if you catch them nice and chrome, bleed em, and put em on ice right away, they arent too bad smoked. but holy cow, after looking at some of those pictures of those chum, it look like they already spawned and bit your fly on their death bed. when they get like that the meat is complete mush and no good to eat no matter how your prepare it. save yourself the waste of time to clean those fish and just let them go and spawn. you're not doing yourself or the fish a favor.

    tight lines
  18. Chum salmon workes well in smoked salmon sausage and spicy kippered salmon sticks if you get chrome ones. Goes wonderfull with a little bit of 4 alarm german honey mustard and a frosty ale.
  19. Has anyone fish the stillaguaish river for the chums

  20. Mmmmm.... smoked chum and winter ale. I just picked up a sixer of my favorite winter ale last night, and am headed to Silverdale tomorrow to fish with my old man where we will try to complete the magic duo. I haven't hit the salt for Chum on flies before, so this will be a first. I have been a pure 4 wt flyfisher, alpine lakes and mountain streams only. In the salt, I have only used gear. Wish me luck on my transition.
    Also, any protocol for obtaining these special "permits" I have been hearing about? Is it obvkous where to go? I heard there is a sign...
    Send me a personal email or PM if need be.

    I LOVE Sierra's celebration ale,

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