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  1. Is it totally unrealistic to chase down chum outside the estruary/river mouth? Or do they simply run too deep to reach with the fly.
  2. Not unrealistic at all.
  3. Hey Nick:

    Thanks for the tech-advice and the stoke!

    The funny thing is that the longer this eternal skunking goes the more obsessed I've become, and the more excited I am when I actually get a chance to head out and cast for those suckers!
  4. Glad to help in any way I can, Jay. If you ever make it to the Kitsap area shoot me a pm. Id be glad to go harass some chum with ya.
  5. how many more weeks realistically do we have to expect to cast st chum in the general region?
  6. I don't count myself as an authority by any means, but from what I've seen the saltwater game seems like it's all but over by Thanksgiving in the Greater Kitsap area (partly because some rivers/creeks have met their escapement run and it looks like the commercial/tribal fishermen are engaged in a "clean-up" harvest), but I think I can recall people saying that the run into the Nisqually goes on a bit later. I'd venture a guess that you can probably target them in rivers where it's allowed through mid-December.

    As a side note - does anyone know the status of the chum runs in the Snohomish and Stillaguamish systems? Any signs that the runs are bouncing back or are they still struggling just as badly as they have been for the past several years.
  7. Had a small window to fish this morning. Ended up 4-7

    All fish landed on this fly I stumbled on in the gallery last night and tied up.

    20131113_081122.jpg 20131113_073750.jpg 20131113_073728.jpg 20131112_192003.jpg
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  8. Good looking fly, Nick. These reports are motivating (and much appreciated). I'll admit, I usually largely cash it in for the Puget Sound by this time of year and start thinking of elsewhere (steelhead, tropics) rather than chum. Which is probably dumb because practically every stream and drainage ditch in my south Sound neighborhood gets infiltrated with fish. I'd really enjoy poking the brighter fish outside the immediate stream head but was under the impression (apparently false) that these fish typcially held deeper out in the salt. You guys have me pumped to get the boat in and go cruise some beaches/points the next few weeks. Plus, I feel a bit shafted on getting out this summer/fall due to travel, bad timing, October monsoon. Maybe I'll be able to get some fix late in the year.
  9. Go get em, Carp!

    I found that fly in the gallery last night. It was from a chum swap back in like 2003 or something. I thought it looked simple and effective so I tied some up in various color combos. I think I'd like to add a bit of weight to the next ones I tie up and see how those fish.

    Just another example of what a tremendous resource this forum is.
  10. Chico was pretty good today hooked 8 fairly and a few others foul huge schools started moving in after noon I caught them on 2 different colors basicly the same fly pictured in this post green wing red body was the best but a pink wing purple body caught fish also,size 4 hook cast and small strip retrieve seemed to work best
  11. Fished the mouth of the Vedder (In BC) a trib of the Fraser. All the fish came in with the high tide. Not great-hooked 3 landed two, but big bright fish with sea lice still attached. My friend caught 3. Mine are going in the brine tomorrow and smoker tomorrow night. Rick
  12. Just a heads-up for folks thinking of fishing Chico: the tribal nets went into the water this morning (Thurs. 11/14).
  13. Wish I had read your post Dipnet before I made the drive. I have never seen so many nets in Chico Bay. They stretched all the way across the bay in layer after layer.

    Since I was there I spent an hour in the flats on the left side of the creek. There were some survivors of the net gauntlet present. Went 1 for 2 unless a tribal boat came into the flats and started banging a the side of the boat and making large splashes with an oversized plunger as they drive all the fish out of the flats and into their gill net. I guess they had to scoop up all of the fish. My blood was boiling and called it a day.
  14. I was there about 8 a.m. on my morning walk.

    I live not far from Chico and walk Chico Way for exercise. I always stop by the ramp in order to see what's going on.

    The guy I spoke with said they had a 10:00 opening and I saw only about 6 boats on the water, motoring and splashing around and trying to drive fish into the shallows.

    Obviously, more showed up later. :mad:

    Tomorrow I think I'll hit other areas!
  15. Coho Dan and G. Hugo Boldt at work. They have permits for the next two and a half weeks.
  16. It is frustrating if you're trying to fish there right now, but there has been no shortage of fish up that little creek this year. It's packed with chum all the way up to the bridge on Chico Way and I'm sure further. Not that I want to be there to see every fish get blocked and scooped up.
  17. I'm hoping to get in on the chum tomorrow. Do they net every day now at Chico, or just on Thursdays? I have a small boat, and had planned to launch it in Chico Bay. However, it looks like I might want to adjust my plans. I'm bummed I didn't get out two weeks ago.
  18. I'm going to be around the Hood Canal this weekend, down near Union, & am going to take my kayak out. Do I need to get north of HoodSport to get after some Chum or do I have a shot fishing further south, closer to the bend?
  19. You can find fish all along the canal. Pretty much every little ditch gets some fish.

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