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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Curtis, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Oh crapola does that mean I have to tie another one. LOL, jump in Christian

  2. Go to the main Swap page and read the sticky thread on how a swap works.
    And welcome. This is my second swap in a row. I like them because it forces me to tie.
  3. Aha! Thanks Jason.

  4. Mine are done:

    hook-size 2 stainless
    tail-chartreuse marabou
    body-pink ice yarn
    hackle collar-chartreuse saddle
    keel-25 pound maxima with one oval hematite and two green craft beads

    Designed to make hook to ride upside down Alaskan bouncer style


  5. I am halfway done. I am running out of hooks so I will being ordering more.
  6. Received flies from both cameron and Daryle yesterday!!!
    Sweet lookin flies!!!! Cant wait to fish them!!!!
  7. You will get mine when I remember to bring them to work so I can drop them off.
  8. I finished mine up on Friday but couldn't make it to the post office on Saturday morning. My wife will be mailing them today. I posted a pic in my gallery.

  9. sounds good christian!!
  10. So since there are 10 tyers, where should the extras be allocated to??
    Best Fly, original tyers???
    What is your vote??
  11. To the meister of course :p
  12. The swap meister's brother :thumb:

  13. comedian here!!!
    If we get enough extras, I will send one extra for each tyer.
  14. Received christian's today. Very nice!!!
  15. Thanks Curtis, I was a little nervous because I just started tying in the last few months. And I vote the swapmeister can keep any extras.

  16. No worries Christian, I am just getting started as well.

    Can't wait to try out all these flies over Thanksgiving if the waters get close to normal.

    One more week tiers!
  17. Christian, your flies do not look like you just started. Impressive!
  18. Daryle, how did you get such a great pic of your fly. I could not get either of my digital cameras to focus in that closely on the fly, so my pictures all look a little blury. And the pictures that are less blury are from my waterproof sony zoomless 1.0 mega-pixel camera.

  19. I use a Canon 250-D closeup add on lens. It's about 4x and focus's at about 8 inches. My camera is the fuji s7000. Lighting was with the new norvise lamp I just got with a piece of gray felt thrown down for a background. The lamp is very easy on the eyes I might add. I always set my white balance to custom to get the proper balance.

    I have more invested in photography stuff than fly stuff, but the fly stuff is catching is catching up.

    Did I mention my metal detecting hobby with over 50 golds rings and a $20 gold piece found.

  20. i'd join up but I don't feel like parting with any egg sucking leaches :D ;)

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