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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Curtis, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Well your photo is awesome, thanks for the info.

  2. Mine are done, I'll mail em' out tomorrow.
  3. Mine Are also done. Should have them in the mail tommarrow.
  4. In the mail... Should be there Fri. or Sat.
  5. Met with Willie yesterday and picked up his flies.
  6. Swap status:

    Curtis-done-purple candy
    Jason-done-chartruese sumthin
    James Mello-done-pink sumthin
    Sturgeon crazy-done-g-strings
    Hedburner-done-purple worm
    Cameron Derbyshire-done-something chummy
    Daryle Holmstrom-done-chum bouncer
    Willie Bodger-done-sweet!
    Stlfirehouse-done-green popcicle
  7. Done and in the mail. Should be there soon...

    Tied up some smaller pink Kilchis killers. I figured with the larger heavier flies folks were tying, it would be a good change of pace...
  8. Sturgeon crazy has contacted me and will be sending them today, so I will receive them tomorrow, hopefully, If you want the flies by turkey day let me know and I will just send the ones I have and than send sturgeons seperately to everyone. No big deal just let me know.
  9. Any word on mine? They were sent last week.
  10. Ringlee, I was wrong, I have not received them yet.
  11. So my flies should be there tommorow... I didn't have them in the right place for office mail pickup so they sat all weekend, but they're being sent priority right now.
  12. double hit... don't send it twice!
  13. I can wait until they are all in!
  14. All are received but ringlee's. He sent them in the mail on the 13th from Arizona and have not arrived yet, darn Post Office. We will wait a couple more days and see what happens, I can just send them out and than mail an additional fly to everyone when they arrive, no biggie. Let me know what everyone thinks.
  15. Deadlines...Smedlines. Who cares?!?! :confused:

    But I guess it really doesn't matter much with our current river conditions.

  16. Doh! I forgot the toe tags again! At any rate, the fly is a Kilchis killer. It's a Shewey fly and is pretty simple.... Normally I guess he ties them in green, but his recipe also suggested that hot pink was a good color....

    Tail - Crystal flash
    Body - Flat hot pink thread
    Thorax - Hot pink cactus chennile
    Wing - Crystal flash
    Hackle - Hot pink neck

    Here's a URL with more info on it....
  17. I will just send them all out when I get ringlee's. I live pretty close to the PO so it is easy.
    I am impressed with all the flies!! Looking forward to using them!
  18. Got ringlees today!! Will send out the flies on monday. All flies look great!
  19. Got mine today, an awesome swap, I'm humbled by the ties.


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