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Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Mark Mercer, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Mark Mercer

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    I've been thinking about early spring and the chum fry hitting the salt, and we all know what will be waiting for them, don't we? Anyway I thought I'd try and come up with a little more realistic pattern than the chum baby, don't get me wrong, I use it and it's a great, super easy, pattern, just not very realistic. Any way here's one I came up with, I wanted a big head, with big eye's and something to represent the parr marks. I like floating lines so I thought I'd go with a bead head and decided to put eye's on the beads and epoxy or hard head them, works good. Probably won't last long after it hits the beach a few times, but oh well.
    Put a couple of grizzly's back to back for parr marks and used white buck tail, grey buck tail, and some dark olive/brown marabou on top. I had to make some pink one's too, just cause they looked cool. Hope you like them.
  2. powderglut

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    Nice Mark!! I like the bead idea for the head with eyes. I'd eat it.
    There are so many sweet looking patterns for SRC and salmon, that i'm really going to need to be picky on my selections for this fall's trip to SJI and VI.
  3. scottflycst

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    Plenty fishy for sure Mark!
    Show us some SRC.
  4. Mark Mercer

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    Thanks guy's, I know it's more fly then is needed to fool them, but we can't ever leave things alone, right! Got to keep experimenting.
  5. Bob Jones

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    Looks good and thats why we do it.
  6. andy.larkin

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    Nice flies. Here's a dead drift sac-fry pattern I tie that has worked for Cutties' and other Trout species on Vancouver Island when 'that time of year' comes along..

    Andy's "Soggy Bottom" Sac Fry

    Hook: TMC 2499SP-BL , Size 8-10
    Head: Epoxy (Tuffleye)
    Thread: UTC 70 (8/0), Wine
    Bead: 1/4 Fl. Orange Brass
    Eyes: 1.5mm Prismatic - Gold
    Veil: White Senyo's Lazer Dubb
    Wing 1: White Senyo's Lazer Dubb
    Wing 2: Grey Senyo's Lazer Dubb

  7. Mark Mercer

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    Thats a nice alevin type pattern, I've never experimented with one but it looks like a killer fly. Alevins are so small and thin marabou might work well for the body as well, just a thought. thanks for sharing.
  8. andy.larkin

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    The wing on this pattern is Senyo's Lazer Dubb. The stuff gets a very slim taper when wet and a translucent appearance. Really interesting material to tie with.

    It also stacks/trims well for heads/collars, and you can even make some interesting hair body styled streamers (on the smaller side, of course..).
  9. Mark Mercer

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    I'll have to try that dubbing, sounds like it would be perfect for a lot of applications.
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  11. Wally Bear

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    Mark M, I have really been studying chum fry and patterns lately and that second one is beautiful. One of the few that I have seen online that has the colors in order and comes really close to the fry itself. Would you please do a step by step on that one for a beginner?