Chum Fry Revisited

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Jackd awesome looking fly!
  2. Mark - thank you. I'm just now getting into the SRC game and your step by step breakdown of a fry pattern will do me a lot help tying. I noticed a few in the shallows during my last outing.
  3. Thanks, I'm glad you like the fly and the step by step.
    Thats great that you've spotted some fry, I haven't yet, but have caught fish on this pattern last time out, so I'm sure there are fry around and more every day. When I fished this pattern last year it worked really well and has a nice transparent profile to it, I'm looking forward to finding some fry in numbers and cutts just going nuts after them, can't wait!!!
  4. Mark, your initial posting and flies have inspired me for sure. I'm on a chum fry quest! Here's one I tied today. Looks good in the water. Will give it a try this weekend. View attachment 13591
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  5. Jackd, now that fly is going to get some cutts motivated into a feeding frenzy for sure! Nice job, now I'm thinking maybe a
    little flash of some kind might be good in my original pattern, thanks for the idea.
  6. Finally got a chance to sit down at the vise after two weeks... Brutal. This fly has been in the design department in my head longer than that. Had it planned out right down to the materials... weird how you can dream up a fly during work and other obligations and watch it morph without ever being at the vise.

    Chum Fry 3.JPG
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  7. Steve, that's a great-looking fly! Is the wing two feathers over bucktail?
  8. These are some really nice-looking bugs, gentlemen!!
  9. Steve - I like your fly especially the gold hook.
    I tied this one up last night. It is a fry pattern we use in Alaska on dollies and rainbows and even salmon. I think it will work on Sea-Run Cutts.
    According to its originator, the two most dominant features of small fry are their eyes and parr markings. Mark nailed it with his pattern. This pattern: oval gold body, blue-dun schlappen throat, grizzly hackle sides,blue-dun buck tail underwing with a bit of squirrel tail, pearl krystal flash topping. It was late when I tied this fly and I now see that I left out a bit of red for the gills. Will add it on the next one.

    the t View attachment 13617
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  10. Holy Fry Batman!!! This is getting out of guys are coming up with some "way cool" (I'm a old hippy musician) patterns. You guys are giving me too many idea's. Now I'm on overload.

    Steve yours is off in a whole new direction using a steelhead hook, tag, wire rib and all, great idea!

    Jackd, no question about that one working, nice!
  11. Its cool to see all these variations on the original Chum Baby. A gentleman I fished with late last Fall was using his variation, which he called a "Chum Baby" (but looked less like the original than most of the ones posted in this thread), to fool searun cutts upstream in his local river, miles above tidewater. He said it had been working very well, although on the day we fished, he said the river was at the lowest flows he'd ever seen it for that time of year, and nothing was biting when we fished in the middle of the afternoon.
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys, I always liked gold hooks, but didn't know where I would use them, until I started thinking about Chum Fry. I also toyed around with a Lady Amherst tippet eye, but it didn't look right and I didn't feel like the way any of my stick-ons looked either. The eye is definitely a dominant feature, and I'll keep playing with it.

    Mountain Trout, it's two feather's (Whiting Dark Barred Ginger Cape) over sparse long tan calf tail w/ 3 strands of root beer Krystal flash. The belly is a blend of white and tan calf tail, and the throat is red calf tail. I'm on a calf tail kick right now, it's an amazing material.
  13. Steve, beautiful tie. I really like the fly. We will have to give it a test on Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to Cutts & Chums buddy.
  14. Tied another fry fly, this one with a bit of red for gills. The eyes, by the way, aren't pink. THey just seem to reflect the fluorescent light that way. View attachment 13665
  15. View attachment 13667 This will be my last posting to this thread (before you guys throw me off):)
    THis is a simple little fry fly that I was using for cuts long before I became aware of the Chum Baby. It is quick, easy, and cheap to tie. AND IT WORKS.
    The bead chain eyes come off my old dog tag chains. Bead chain was used before the widespread availability and use of all the special (and expensive) beads and cones.
    FLy tied sort of clouser style. Just some krystal flash and olive bucktal. View attachment 13666
  16. Jackd- those are outstanding. Just one more post as I am having some problems getting this to look very good. What is the hook of the last one you posted, where you note the pink reflection in the eyes? Is the head(eyes) on a bead? or is it coated with epoxy?

    Thanks for any input.
  17. View attachment 13675
    The (silver) hook is a Tiemco 9394 #6. I used the long shank just to be able to have a longer body of holo gold mylar. A shorter shank saltwater hook like Gamakatsu SS15, Tiemco 811s, or Mustad 3407 would be just fine. The eyes are just little stick on jobs on a built up thread head and then epoxied. The pink tint is just a reflection.
    Probably the best color eyes would be gold and black. These are pearl. I ran out of the gold. Size of the eye is 1.5mm. Hope this helps. I'm going to be giving these flies a good workout this weekend. Jackd
  18. Nice, Jackd, I like that one. And thanks for sharing. Good luck on your test fishing! I bet the cutts see your L'il Chummee as the eye candy we do.
    All these flies posted here look like winners.
  19. There are some really nice flies on this thread. Chum Fry are fun to fish and I will never forget an afternoon with Roger Stephens where we came upon a school of Sea Run Cutthroat that had "herded" a large school of Chum Fry into a small cove and they were literally gorging on the fry. I have fished Bob Trigg's Chum Baby for years but have to admit that I am afflicted with Roger's Topwater focus. I tied a version of the Miyawaki Popper as a Chum Fry several years ago but the head was just too big. I have just finished a new Chum Fry Slider that I will tie this weekend at Cutts & Chums. The key to this fly was cutting a Rainey's Pee Wee Popper head in half to scale it down to the size of a Chum Fry. I also tied it on a tube to keep the hook small and short shanked. I will be testing this fly this weekend on the OP. The head is small enough that it may not keep it totally topwater but I am sure it will v-wake, even if just subsurface. I also added a hackle feather flat wing style to give it even more motion.

    Chum Fry Slider.jpg Chum Fry Slider Topside.jpg

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