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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by i hate baitchuckers, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. i hate baitchuckers

    i hate baitchuckers New Member

    I was wondering where on the skykomish you guys all fish i am looking for a good hole and was wondering if any of you will be able to share!!! i was wondering what patterns work for chum on the sky or steelhead although it might be a wee bit early for steelhead but what the heck there is always the chance of hooking into one!!! So any info on good whole or whatever would be greatly appreciated!!! thanx
  2. i hate baitchuckers

    i hate baitchuckers New Member

    also what kind of water do chums hold in?
  3. blueriverbwo

    blueriverbwo New Member

    CSchafer :EEK :EEK :EEK :EEK
    Just not sure what the draw is too even catching chums....
    Could you imagine if all the runs were as strong as the chum this year.

    Fish Colorado!

  4. caddisaction

    caddisaction New Member

    they like chum candy. Ive had good luck with them. good luck to you!!

  5. cuponoodle breakfast

    cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

    I have answers to your questions, but I am often one of those evil bait chuckers you hate so much. You probably wouldn't lower yourself to taking advice from me.
  6. Luv2Spey

    Luv2Spey Member

    The gear guys will often drift a red or green marabou jig suspended under a bobber through a pod of chum. This is very effective. Taking a cue from them, I've caught chum by dead drifting a red or chartreuse fly (inc chum candy) on the end of an intermediate sink tip through a chum hole. I usually don't swing a fly when 'chumming' because I seem to get more foul hooks that way.

    Chum are somewhat different than Kings and Coho in that they'll find a slot in a fast, deep riffle, and stack up. By contrast, Kings and Coho will almost always lie in deep, slow water (unless spawning).

    Mattzoid and I were on the Sky yesterday and I hooked, but LLR'd, a chum in the riffle at the bottom of 2-bit. So they're there.

    Good luck,


    BOBLAWLESS New Member


    I am replying, not because of your post, but because of the name you have chosen for your post. Do you hate them because they
    1. Stink of roe and other odors.
    2. Fish diffently than we do and often foul our lines.
    3. Catch more fish than we do and make us jealous.
    4. Always talk about catching over 100 steelhead last season.
    5. They probably don't catch more than two or three, and these are mostly gut hooked, not that they ever release any.
    6. You see them as some sort of displaced catfisherman.
    7. You get sick when one of them, probably to grand stand a bit, reaches in his roe bucket and eats a few bits.
    8. They sort of insist you are a snob and probably stupid.
    9. They don't have the skills to fly fish and you look down on this.
    10. You see them as unsporting and should be banned from classic waters ( ponds and sloughs might be OK)
    11. That they have the balls to post on what is obviously a fly fishing forum.

    I am curious as to which numbers apply to your hatred. Please indulge me and respond.
  8. i hate baitchuckers

    i hate baitchuckers New Member

    I love fly fishing its so pure i became a man at 13 when i first picked up a fly rod i have fell in love with it ever since!!! Its a good excuse to skip school and slip away from reality and concetrate on what life is really about fishing!!! There is no such thing as a bad day fly fishing because evry time i go out i leanr something new how to make tighter loops, how to read the river and where fish are holding, and i could go on and on but you fly fishers no what im talking about its not really a sport i think its a passion it a desire it takes brains to out smart a fish and it takes skill!!! The last two years of my flyfishing since i started has taken me all around and i have expeirenced some of the coolest times in my life such as catching my first brown!!!
  9. miked

    miked New Member

    hate is a strong word :BLUSH
  10. blueriverbwo

    blueriverbwo New Member

    Blue River, Summit County CO

    Are the chums in the south sound basically done?

  11. You are jokeing right?, but I would quess you are only 15.
  12. Jon Brengan

    Jon Brengan flyfishing addict


    Well you sure got the hackle up on alot them fellows!! I think if your persistant you'll see where all the cars are parked on the river and follow the trails to the good holes. Yeah there's alot of Bait Boys out there, but I've also learned alot about fishing this river by observing these guys. Plus there's alot of water they don't fish or can't but we can float a fly through and nothing heats 'em up more than a fly-guy picking up fish just above or below 'em. Hope you'll read between the lines and just enjoy the fishing.
  13. DEREK

    DEREK New Member

    No, they are not done. There is a late run that comes in december-january that are usually much brighter fish.
  14. i hate baitchuckers

    i hate baitchuckers New Member

    I thought today i was gonna go skunked but the last hour omg i had found paradise i hooked six chum and landed two one which took me to the backing and broke me off there were three of us fishing we were hooking them every other cast those fish are some ugly things!!!
  15. Sean Beauchamp

    Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

    being politically correct sucks

    where at on which river? i assume the sky since that is what you asked about. glad to hear another good report. ill be out sunday and ill let you guys know how i do.

  16. i hate baitchuckers

    i hate baitchuckers New Member

    Go to the barn behind the penitentary and walk down river to the riffles jsut fish that i hooked 32 today and landed 19 it was hot day today omg!!! i caught a 22 pund chum!!! fish the riffles that all i got to say!!
  17. mcronariver

    mcronariver New Member

    bob lawless,

    What is your opinion on jet boaters loaded down with gear heads? Will they ever become extinct?


    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    We might be able to get rid of them if we spent a few minutes on our e-mails everday. Write everybody. Make it short and to the point. Some kid, not the congressperson or senator, will read it, put it in a special box, and then give a report to the big man or woman and maybe something can be done with the regs. Odinairily you wil get a response saying that the problem is being studied. The Democrats are the most likely to be receptive so concentrate on them.

    Here are some of the problems I have with them:
    1. They decrese the quality of the outdoor experience with all their noise as they plow up and down the river.
    2. They churn up spawning redds and destroy tons of fish.
    3. They pollut with their gas engines.
    4. They are able to reach places that should be left alone, small spawning spots where any disturbance will harm the fishery.
    5. They haul too many gear heads.
    6. They have any unfair advantage over the fish and the other fishermen.
    5. And stuff I can't think of but I am sure it exists.
  19. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, and I would hate wet-behind-the-ears braggarts except that it is much easier to be totally indifferent to 'em. :TSKTSK

    Congratulations on your good day. :THUMBSUP

    The "Dungey" was very low and clear and full of chums when I left my parent's house (a couple of minutes from the river) on friday, but I chose to head out to the wild west end to try to find some steelies, checking the Lyre (also low and clear...too low) and then the Sol Duc (low but enticing and I got skunked) and then a quick recon of a spot on the Bogy at dusk-59 before completing the counter-clockwise 101 Loop and heading back to Grayland. Checked the Dosewallips thurs a.m. and it was low and clear and I saw only one fish below the 101 bridge and an ouzel doing its thing under water with one wing breaking the surface, momentarily fooling me into thinking it was a fish before it suddenly surfaced and flew off. Did stop to check Waters West in P.A. and it was a really cool shop and ended up buying some flies, an Airflo Mult-tip, and a Temple Fork Outfitters 9' 6wt.(I'm on a low budget). Great customer service. A ton-o-work now has me by the nads and it may be friday before I can go out to try my new stuff, but I love the way it cast in my yard. Hit the frisbee I use as a target at 50' + on the third cast, and three more times in the next half hour, which is an improvement for me.

    "Life is too short to waste time hating anything." - Jimbo
  20. James Boldman

    James Boldman Wood Nymph

    I was at the same *riffle* on Sun, Wed, and Thursday. There's a lot of chum in there, however its really hard to not fowl hook those guys since they are in there thick. Nice little place but it can get crowded quickly. Three or more in that hole is too many. :)

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