Chums and Skoal

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Whitey, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. I just went to the QFC, ran out of Skoal. I was fiend'n for a chew. Damn it's an expencive habit. Anyway, saw the new Washington Fishing and Hunting news. It said, "CHUM RUSH". I was like, NO, not yet! it's too early, lakes are just gettin good. Please, next month! The fish aren't listening to me. So my question is, Chums in the SKy? this ealry? anybody seen anything? Guess I better start getting geared up. I mean, come on, trout or chums? Chums everytime baby! :THUMBSUP YT
  2. Chums.... Everytime!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Chums are in the Skagit! Since you boys have posted a lot of pics; here is one for you! A secret silver on a secret river in Alaska!It's Copey in the lip not Skoal!
    Flip Down Fly Boy!
  4. Chums in the Skagit?? Where. I'm going to be up in BC on the Vedder River tomorrow, but Sunday is open. Skagit Chum run is supposed to be a huge run, we'll see. Cool
  5. Just outside of Sedro!
    Flip Down Fly Boy!
  6. :TSKTSK :TSKTSK :pROFESSOR :pROFESSOR You guys shouldn't
    be chewing baccy, my father just had reconstructive sugery
    from decades of chewin.


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