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  1. Anyone have suggestions where to find some of these? Have a family function end of next week and want to bring a box of whatever I can get that is the same or very similar. They are Partagas Aristocrats 5"x40 (I think). I don't like ordering blind.... Suggestions for a reputable online store? These images are for reference only.


    yum1.JPG yum2.JPG
  2. I think Monica Lewinsky may have a few of those stashed away.
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    Can't beat Thompson, I've been ordering from them, great service, free shipping, and no WA sales tax.
    So glad someone started a cigar thread.
  4. They are both around.:)
  5. That's a CUBAN box of Partagas, not an Atladis USA version. Your best bet is a trip across the ponds to either Europe or Hong Kong if you want authentic. Canada will be hit or miss and challenging to get them across the border and super expensive!!! Good luck.
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  7. And a photo with Gary signing something....
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Ordered this morning.
  9. I need a cigar butt to use for a prop in a still life photograph I want to take. So I need to know where I can find the cheapest cigar possible.

    But then I might have to smoke it down to the size I want.
    I don't want to be seen out foraging along the roadside for the real McCoy, either, although I've been keeping my eyes open.

    Maybe I can fake one out of brown paper. I can almost tie trout flies.:D
  10. Everyone is in the TriCities this weekend. Played golf this morning (2 lightning delays) with a couple of guys from Olympia whose daughters are here as well. Something like 300 teams in town. Wonderful weather. I suspect I will head to the mountains tomorrow to fish.

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  11. Are you fishing for a trade?
  12. Hope you had a great tourney, our girls played their hearts out, 5th place 18u,

    Hope all the cigar thread folks picked up on the pink report for marine area 9.
    I made a stop at the local sportsmans whearabouts and could not resist picking up one of those eagle claw feather weight 9' 5wts,
    Safe travels, and tight lines
  13. dammit, now I want a Partagas 1845
  14. Nah, go with the AJ Fernandez San Lotano Habano Robusto, much better quality control!

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