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  1. How does one section of a four peice rod get shattered in the middle without damage to the tube? Sounds like bull to me. Did I miss the part where the buyer told you the tube was damaged or retaped?
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  2. This has been my experience as well. I occasionally say how amazed I am that all this stuff moves around the world with such low error rates.
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  3. Very true. I would love to see what the packaging looks like. If it was shattered by being jolted in tube and being only piece open to slip through the bubble wrap, it would've left an inprint/hole in the cloth that wouldn't go away.
  4. Bingo!!
  5. It was in the stock st croix rod tube wrapped a shit to in bubbly wrap. I am positi e the rod was banged on the bottom and split with the. Free movemwnt inside the rod tube
  6. Dang, you are all scaring me. I've done about a dozen or so USPS shipments of fly reels, line and rods and never had an issue yet. I always pay for tracking so I can show it was delivered and on the rods and one higher priced reel, paid extra for insurance. I did inadvertently send a reel to the wrong address and contacted the guy after I did so, who had purchased a different item on e-bay...that SOB from NC (and I hope you are reading this asshole) kept a used SA 2L45 reel. I explained to the other guy of my screw up and refunded the $$ to him...he was cool about it. But back to USPS and your situation...I think they offer some amount of insurance automatically...might want to check. Hope it works out for you.
  7. It was sent with a tracking number not insurance tho.
  8. not that this helps with the sale, but ive had great customer service from st croix. i called them up about a broken rod and they just mailed me a brand new section. and they sent it ups ;).

  9. That's my experience, too. I've averaged around 15 packages received and 5-10 shipped per month - every month - for the last 20+ years. UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and DHL. Of all those packages shipped and received, one was damaged and my insurance claim was promptly addressed and paid-out (FedEx). Another was substantially delayed (DHL). UPS and USPS have a 100% on-time and intact delivery rate at my office. Not all packages I received were properly packed, but all arrived on-time and intact.

    Yet I STILL pay the pittance for insurance when shipping anything of value (i.e. generally more than $100 in value). Why? Same reason I pay for auto, home and medical insurance - shit happens and you never know when it will happen!
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  10. I think a lot depends on your USPS office. The Yelm one is deplorable. Our mail delivery person used to have a habit of delivering our mail to the wrong cul-de-sac, or just marking everything return to sender/addressee moved. We also saw her drag a portable basketball goal down the road with her jeep (until someone came out of there house and disconnected it for her) and she purposely knock over our trash cans. I also received a flat rate box with holes so big that the 3lbs lead ingots could be pulled out without opening the box. I made numerous complaints all the way up to the post master general in Seattle, but no one gave a damn.

    We gave up and got a P.O. Box at the local UPS office.
  11. FedEx or UPS. USPS is a joke. I won't support them on the principle that they're solely existent because of the literal 2lb of shit junk mail that shows up to my house every damn day.
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  12. Noble sentiments Jesse. But the amount we pay to send a letter or package doesn't come close to offsetting the actual costs of running the USPS. Since it operates at a deficit, the department ends up depending on a congressional subsidy just to break even. In fact, you, I and everybody else are already supporting them through the income tax withholding our employers deducts from every paycheck or tax payment.


  13. Sounds like a good place for a budget cut to me. Just close down the USPS completely. I've more faith in FedEx and UPS anyway.
  14. More noble sentiments. Remember the prospect of USPS ending Saturday delivery just a few months ago? Everybody postured about balancing the budget, waste, etc. But when it came time, the reality of what the impact of doing so would be caused congress to step back and quietly renew funding the budget gap.

    Now you're suggesting eliminating the department entirely? Think carefully about how many jobs that would eliminate and its impact on a fragile recovery. Voting for that would be political suicide, no matter what your party affiliation.


  15. We don't need socialized employment programs :/ Taxpayers shouldn't have to support a massively defunct company that continues to hemorrhage tax dollars. The USPS is not required. We could do everything electronically by creating email addresses for every address. the byproduct would be saving a ton of wasted paper.

    Yes, people will lose their jobs. Thankfully, humans are adaptable and as we've seen over the last 200 years as technology upends entire sectors, people adapt, find new skills, and survive.

    The USPS is an antique obscenity that needs to be shut down. It wont, because the government is a crooked bunch of scoundrels and I imagine they are all feeding at the obese teet of Direct Marketing lobbyists.

  16. I just realized how ignorant I sound after realizing that there's a metric ton of poor people and folks in rural areas without internet to even begin with.

    So yeah ok damnit, the postal service gets to survive for a couple more decades until we're all plugged into the matrix (google glass)
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  17. I never really saw any arguments as to an actual impact. Lot's of "But you can't do that", but I didn't see any reasons given. Yes, some people will loose jobs. Just like a lot of residential construction workers when the housing market crashed. Or IT workers after the .com bust. It sucks but when there is no market for a service, or you just can't compete, those workers have to move on...

    Honestly, how many stamps does the average american use in a year? Maybe a book, and that's being generous. Now how many pounds of junk mail does the average american throw away per week. How much of their tax dollars are being wasted to deliver that junk mail instead of being spent on something useful?
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  18. I honestly don't think it's a metric ton. But even without internet, what would they be missing? I tried to "turn off" my normal USPS service already. Apparently you can't do that though.

  19. Letters from debt collectors.

  20. I'm sure FedEx or UPS would be happy to deliver those. And happy to deliver the checks to the debt collectors as well.

    Wait a minute, does anyone use checks either anymore?

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