Clack vs. Hyde??

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Panhandle, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. My wife gave me the go ahead on a boat today. The selling point is the family aspect of floating down the river with the kids in the summer. :rofl:

    Admittedly, I’m an amateur on the sticks, and really lean towards the Clack because they look cool, and have the tunnel hull... if that even makes a difference.

    Why shouldn't I buy a Clack, or why should I buy a Hyde? Thanks.
  2. I like aluminum. Just my preference though.
  3. pan-

    my preference is clackacraft, have had two of them and liked both, but if you want to know everyone else's opinion try the search function on this site, you will find that this topic has been discussed numerous times, good luck and congrats on getting your wife to allow the purchase
  4. You cant go wrong with either one. It is personal preference. Try each one out before buying. Then you will know which one you like.
  5. Good point. I'll use the search function. No need to reply and revisit a subject covered many times.
  6. I too like aluminum boats, we have an aluminum koffler and its hit a couple rocks that I dont think a fiberglass boat could stand up to. Though it really depends on where your taking it, I had noticed that your located in Idaho so I cant specify the rivers that you planned on fishing.

  7. I have a Hyde High side. I really like it. I have rowed several aluminum boats, but never any Clackacrafts.

    Their have been several threads on this in the past. Check them out.
  8. Been talking to Marty at Clack lately too as I too am in the exact same boat as you and thinking of buying one this spring. They are great people to deal with and they are more local. Hyde has also sent me material and their boats look awesome as well although I am leaning toward a Clack.
    You can get a brand new Clack 16 ft. Fly Bench directly from the shop here in Clackamas for $7,500 with trailer. MSRP is around $11,000.
  9. buy a clack, but if you want other opinions try the search function as it has been discussed a bunch.
  10. I have rowed them both. I like them both. Call Blackburn...he is getting rid of three 2007 clacks right now for cheap!!

  11. I tried sparing everyone by utilizing the search function as sated in my second post, so please quit posting to use the search function:)

    I received many PM's and am yet to have nayone recommend a Hyde, which coincides with whats being said here. Thanks for the heads up Calvin.
  12. I own a Hyde and love it - never had a problem and have experienced great customer service from the folks at Hyde. Clacks are cool also - have rowed a few - Hyde just made me a better deal at the time - lots of extras in the deal....but have you thought about a raft? Picked up a Aire Super Dupa Puma a while back and really digging it...rowing it more than the drift boat actually - food for thought. Good luck
  13. Adam:
    If you're serious about using a boat for some summer recreation for the family instead of an excuse to buy a boat.:hmmm: I would recommend looking at a raft. I bought an inflatable a self bailing 14' sotar with an NRS fishing frame and seats. I thought I would use it a lot for fishing and maybe a few floats in the summer with my wife. Well it turns out that I have used it for fishing but have really enjoyed the rafting with my wife, kids and grandkids. The St Joe, the N fork of the CDA, Alberton gorge on the Clark Fork, they are great fun.
    The boat is not as comfortable fishing from as a drift boat but I think it is more versatle. It is great in LOW water situations.
    The other nice thing is deflate it and you can almost store it in a closet.
    You can buy one of nicest rafts for a fraction of the cost of a drift boat and trailer.
    something to think about.
    jesse clark
  14. :D No, I'm serious about the family thing. My wife flyfishes, but doesn't much anymore because of the kids. As well, both of my kids will be old enough to really do stuff next year. I have been asking for a boat for years, when the family component entered into it she was finally sold. No, I haven't thought much about the raft... seems like a hassle, and I like the stability of a hard boat.
  15. Stole my post almost. Am sure Clacks are fine craft as well.

    My HS Hyde is two years old this winter, no issues. It has taken a beating on the upper Santiam the last 6 mos and it's still smilin.

    Pick one and get rowin, then you too will be able to answer one of these post's in the future.:p
  16. Pan,
    I like the raft option too. They are pretty bomb proof and float like a cork. Look at Moravia, Star, and NRS
  17. Buy whatever you can find the best deal on in the used market.
  18. craigslist rocks

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