Clack vs. Hyde??

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Panhandle, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. I have only floated in a Hyde and its been an awesome experience each and every time I've gone. I suspect it will come down to just who has the best price as both the Clackacraft and Hyde and others make some pretty good boats.
  2. Both are obviously very popular fly fishing boats and I don't think you could go wrong with either. I ended up with a Clack because that is what I knew and the price was a bit better with the options I wanted. Would go with a Clack again if I were in the market for a new boat. I have had my boat for four years and absolutely love it. If you get a chance to try both it would be good to do so. Check out the Reds Fly Shop site. I believe I saw something on there about an upcoming event at their shop on the Yakima River which will include a chance to test drive a Clackacraft. Good luck and congratulations on the go ahead from the boss to get a boat.
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  4. I've been in both and they both have pluses and minuses, between the two Clackacraft customer service is head and shoulders above Hyde.
    John Stenerson at the Idaho Falls store is first rate and will work hard for you.
    FWIW I would look at some other options as well. I personally use a
    Ro Drift( and wouldn't trade for either of the two mentioned before.
    Boulder Boat Works is gaining popularity, they lack a lot of accessories and cost as much as either of the previous three boats.
    I've also heard very good things about Freestone boats with one notable exception, the casting decks aren't level and slope like old style drift boats. Try standing on one of these for a day and....never mind just have your kids whack the backs of your calves with a stick for about eight hours. The results will be quite the same.
    All of these boats are available used and if you buy from the manufacturer they often come with warranties. Personally, $11,000 for a drift boat is way over the top. Quite often a used boat from the manufacturer has been reconditioned and is near new.
    The sole thought I have on metal boats is they are, in my experience, a floating heat sink. And they can be, not always, heavy.
    Take your time looking for used and you will be rewarded, a friend two years ago found a gorgeous Clack pkg w/trailer for $3200. An anomaly, but still, you sure beat retail. I rowed a boat for a living for a long time, if you have questions PM me. Good luck.
  5. Row Row Row your boat up and down the Idaho Pandhandle, Merrily Merrily Merrily, now you don't have to dream!!!! Yay for wives who cave to drift boats!!!!! IMHO i would buy a clack, Now you must take into account that i have never actually been IN a drift boat but i have seen it on the television:ray1::rofl: Ohhhh by the way i didn't know if you knew it, because i see you have only posted on here 1400 times, but there IS a search function and this topic has been discussed!:rofl: Good luck with the boat hope its everything i have dreamed!!:beer2:
  6. Adam,

    If you are going to be fishing the boat in the Northwest, which I'm assuming you are, go with aluminum. Around here, your resale value will be much higher than a glass boat. If you were in Montana, I'd say go with a Clack. I'd go for a Willies if you go the aluminum route.

    Either that, or go with a raft.

  7. Had both, Clack hands down.
  8. I've had two each of both. The Clack is a much drier boat (hard to keep water in big waves out of the Hyde) and the Clack, in my lengthy experience, is much more durable. Clackacraft all the way!
  9. iagree

    clacks rock! i have never owned a hyde, but have rowed enough of my friends to like clacks better. I have owned a high side and a low side and they both are awesome for their designed purpose. I went to the high side after about 4 years of guiding out of the low pro, and when i cleaned up my old boat to sell it was surprised there wasnt more damage done to it. They are much more durable, have great comforts inside, and the customer service is not even comparable. on top of that clacks are a couple of grand cheaper.
  10. iagreeclackacraft all the way!
  11. Panhandle - I bought my clacka 2 years ago at the Bellevue Fly Show. Best decision I ever made. Like you, I was back and forth. I talked to Marty and to Matt Hyde, both guys were super nice. I ended up getting the clackacraft for a couple reasons, some of which are more personal.

    1. If I bought a Hyde, I'd only want one if I got the G4 bottom, which makes it much more expensive.
    2. I was able to row a friend clackacraft a few times so I knew what I was getting with respect to how the boat handles.
    3. All the guides I know except for one, use clackacrafts and swear by them
    4. There are some plus / minuses for each boat, you need to be able to know those issues for yourself, not by what other people tell you.
    5. Clackacraft is located much closer to where I live so it's much more accessible if I need anything after I bought the boat.
  12. what kind of deals do they have at the fly fishing shows (clacka & hyde)?
  13. just go and find out!
    bring your (wife's) check book!
  14. Another vote for the Clack. I have rowed hydes, lavaros, and clacks. My favorite rowing boat would be the Lavaro 16' PFD, but they are pretty small inside. I absolutely love my clack. I have had it for over 4 years, and have bounced on on rocks in the yak, and quite a few rivers in montana. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to get a Galvanized trailer. The black Zman trailer I got looked beautiful until I took the boat to montana. One trip in the high road, or the burma road took its toll on the beautiful back paint. Now it is all chipped up, but oh well, it still tows the boat fine.
  15. I noticed Reds Fly Shop is selling off their 2007 Clacks to make room for the new fleet. If you are looking for a used Clack you might be able to score a deal. I hear you on the trailer fllyfishy. Wish I would have gone galvanized. After the first season it was pretty beat up. Thinking about getting it linexed. Anybody else out there gone this route?
  16. Clackacraft Rules.
    if you get over to e-burg look me up and I will take you for a float and you can try it for yourself.
  17. Purchased a '07 Clack 16 LP last March, love the boat! The black trim around the edge was glued with black sticky crap on the '07's that, when hot, would lose its adhesion. At the Bellevue show earlier this month I asked Jim about it and he said it was something they knew about, apologized and said they were no longer using the glue for this reason. He shipped me a new trim at no cost and told me how to install it with silicone. He also offered to do it for me but I could not get my boat to Oregon or ID Falls anytime soon. Great customer service by Clack....once again!
  18. I am fixin to get myself a Hog Island LTD16, if you haven't checked out the poly boats, you're in for a treat.

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