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  1. I recently acquired a Clackacraft Magnum 14' with a 15hp 2 stroke motor. I'd like to be able to use it in deep rivers with the motor and shallow rivers without and also hit the lakes and protected waters of the sound. I'd like to know if It would be asking too much from one boat. Anybody have any experience with this boat?
  2. the clack website only lists a 17 footer. is the 14 a prototype?
  3. Can't say about that particular Clack, but i've taken mine out on Fish Lake a time or two with a 55lb-thrust Minn Kota on the stern, fastened to a little platform I made to go over the anchor stanchion. Thanks to the high bow, it's really difficult to track a straight line in any wind, and eventually a SmokerCraft Alaskan solved this dilemma.
  4. Had what I think was the original version of this boat in Aluminum made by Rogue Marine called the Stealth in a 16 footer for years. Loved it and it was very versatile. Had a 40hp jet on mine and was very capable on the Rogue (when we lived in Oregon) both up and downstream in Class 2 plus and in very low water. Little sluggish rowing but just pick your lines early. Great lake boat and casting platform with the wide open configuration. Have not been in the Clack version but if they balanced it correctly it should serve you well.
  5. Longtime reader, first time poster. Great boat, wish the new ones were designed the same way. The 1980's Magnums motor and row really well - not much info on them online, but something comes up once in awhile. They built the boats for fishing tidewater and coastal rivers. Make sure your outboard is a long shaft and invest in a Clackaraft prop guard, worth every penny. I have a 16 footer with a 15hp and it is the best multi-purpose boat I've ever owned. Good find and tight lines!
  6. John,

    I had no idea you own a Clacka Magnum. You should take me fishing!


  7. Ditto as to what John said. I havethe exact same setup you have and I love it. There is also a fiberglass cutout, I believe it is called a trim plate? It will help keep the boat on plane and avoid unfortunate popping of wheelies. I have one screwed onto the transom. For drifting shallower rivers this should come off. You should also build / reinforce the transom with marine grade plywood if it needs it.

    I share this boat with a friend and it backtrolls plugs (rowing) fairly well even with the wider stern. Great fly setup with the front brace, anchoring in the Columbia... Great for everything you describe, just be careful crabbing in bays or any rivers with tidal rip - the 15 will be close to maxed out, or will be with three people + gear.
  8. I am wondering- how wide is the hull on your magnum? I want to know because I had one and I want one with similar dimensions. I liked the boat a lot.


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