Clackacraft vs. Hyde...what to buy?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Bryan Williamson, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    I'm sure we could debate dimples vs. flat bottom, tunnel hull vs. rounded transom, fiberglass vs. aluminum (or combo) & available storage options all day long and get absolutely nowhere. Does anyone have thoughts or stories they are willing to share on customer service (good or bad), the company honoring (or not honoring) their "lifetime warranty", durability, sales experience, etc? I see a lot of widely recognizable names endorsing the Clack and only onel, Neale Streaks, which I recognize endorsing Hyde. Anyone have something to share on this so I can make an informed purchasing decision?
  2. J Nordwell

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    Well I just bought a 05 fly fish bench from Clackacraft in Oregon. I think they above and beyond. I delt with roger he isn;t even a salesman. He builds the boat and repairs them. Like I said the boat was used they went through it and made it brand new. I also bought another seat to fit my needs. They replaced a seat cover that was torn up. replaced the oars and threw in a set of oar locks. Granted the oar lock are like 35 bucks but still it was a nice thought. I've never been a hyde all though I've only been in a willie. Now the difference between the willie and the clacka are night and day for my needs, the clacka just fits the bill for me. I like the idea of having the shop with in 30 minutes of my house just incase I need a repair. Just go see if you can take one of each out for the day trip.:thumb:
  3. XstreamAngler

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    I know Hyde Boats well, I know the family well and I know the operation well. I currently own 2. Although I am biased in my opinion I will say that each boat has it's own advantages and disadvantages. As with the Dodge vs. Ford vs. Chevy style debate, you have to find what you want and who offers what you want and or like. Any of the boat makers today offer warrenty, each has it's fine print and each offer a superior product. I own Hyde due to its ability to change the interior to any configuration you want or can afford. I have rowed them all, from hard boats to rafts and I like something about each and have complaints about each. When it comes down to which rows better, again, it is that dabate of this vs. that. Listen to what everybody has to say, do your research and dont make a decision based on popularity.

    Enjoy your boat and your time on the water.

  4. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    I would recommend clackacraft. call up marty at the Portland shop and he will take care of you. i am on my second clack and they are awesome. as the guys above said, you'll probably be happy with either.
  5. Calvin1

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    Joe spends a lot more time in his boat than I do in mine, but I'm very happy with my Hyde. I have a feeling that I would be equally happy in a Clacka. My 14.5 ft low profile is very responsive and does well for me in all the water I fish. It's a bit crowded, however, when there's an angler at the back station as well as the front. My old 16 footer had plenty of room, but didn't respond as well.
  6. Jason Decker

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    since you live in bothell, it is much closer to get your boat from (marty) in portland, but a nice
    fishing trip would be fun if you planned a good trip over to the hyde guys. they have a nice place you
    can stay while you are there, check out there website

    i bought my 06 fly bench last year at the show. i love it. my buddy and i split the boat and have
    used it about 60 times since last march between the both of us. I have had a great service and
    help from the portland guys since then too. i recently got some parts (spare wheel & mount, plugs and a latch peg) they brought them up to the monroe sportsmans show and were super helpful.
    i was able to "try out" a rental boat from The Evening Hatch, that really helped me get all the info i needed before i bought. I might be willing to let you take my boat for a spin if you're interested.

    i was also very impressed with Matt Hyde and the time he took to answer my questions, go with what you like the best and you'll be happy. I know Jeff Brazda traded in a new clack on a new hyde just recently. so that shows you it goes both ways.

    after a year's use, i would buy the same boat again, no question. but i would make a few minor adjustments, i saw a few options recently at the local fly show i would be sure to opt for. I have a few buddies who swear by their Hydes just the same as i do by my Clacka....

  7. Bill Dodd

    Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

    I own a 16' Clackacraft LP and love it. I know guides who have owned both and swear by Hyde and others who have owned both and swear by the Clacka. I chose my boat based mostly on the cut of the boat, style and reputation. I would in no way EVER say that it's better than a Hyde, it's the boat I chose for me. But if your really serious about buying a boat why don't you give the guys at Red's Fly Shop a call as they sell both Clackacraft and Hyde boats and I'm sure they would be more than happy to let you test either boat or both. Ask for Steve Joyce, he'll take care of you.

    Bill Dodd.

  8. BDD

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    Some, but not all guides, row one or the other because they have ties to a particular dealership and/or they get a guide discount. Same goes for gear (rods, reels, waders etc). Nothing wrong with that but the only reason they are in that boat is because of the savings. I have rowed most of the major brands and what I like may not be what you are looking for. I now own a Clacka and it is a great boat. But my next boat probably will be a Hyde based on reasearch, rowing, and conversations with the Hyde folks as they have been very good to deal with. Your best best is to make a list of options and include everything that is important to you. Then try to row each on and see if they provide the perfomance you are looking for. The experience during this process will be better than a hundred opinions from everybody else.

    Let us know what you get and why.
  9. Jason Decker

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    Yakacraft's suggestion is by far the best thing you can do if you are serious about getting a boat.
    looks are just looks, you gotta see how they handle and feel on the water, that will really tell you which way to go. one thing for sure, they handle very differently!
  10. prosopium

    prosopium Member

    The customer service was what made my decision very easy. I was looking for a low end, basically cheaper boat. Called hyde and was treated very poorly after i described what i was looking for, they really acted like i was of zero importance to them. so i called clackacraft and explained to them what i was looking for. Within a day i had a couple emails from them with pics of numerous low end boats (under 4000). None of them really stuck out. Within a week they found a boat i wanted at the price i could afford. I have now owned two clackas and will buy another one soon. I have gotten used to my boats as you will too no matter which brand you buy. Im sure there are lots of people who will be very surprised at the service i recieved (from hyde) but your post said you wanted an example so there is mine. Also dont overlook other manufacturars such as RO or willies, just be careful if you go with any new companies cause in this industry you never know how long they will be around, good luck
  11. Flyfishsteel

    Flyfishsteel New Member

    Just for laughs, anyone know if Hyde will install a G4 shoe on my 2001 Clack wf? My buddy says the G4 is the slickest and most durable shoe on the planet!

    Hydes floors are waaay better than the clacks. But honey combed 1" thick rubber mats helps out a bit in my Clack. I just cut them to size and also helps on my spiked boots.

    But gotta admit, I love the Clacks waay higher resale value,more storage/rod capacity,etc. Its sexier looks don't hurt either...

    Marty at the Clackamas location is awesome, he sold me a 200.00 boat cover to cover my boat I just bought from him, a 2001 WF. While on the way home to Tacoma I noticed a rip in the threads by the oars. So I shipped back the original cover, then expecting a non-ripped cover back, Marty sent me a top of the line Aqua Lung 500.00 cover instead for the inconvenience!!! Now thats customer service.
  12. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    I was thinking the same thing!

    I would recommend one thing, if you do go for a Hyde, don't get the lo-pro boat that Calvin has. He is right on about the cramped part, and if you have three full size guys in it, you feel like your about to take on water at any moment. it is a great boat if you know that the only water your going to fish is the yakima or the clark's fork or other huge flat waters. I just went from a low side clack to a high side and it is by far the best boat i have ever owned. i have no problem taking it to the OP or where ever.
  13. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    at a recent show, i saw some cool add ons in a fly bench model. namely a hyde style rear angler brace, that uses removable posts, this is much better then the standard fiberglass brace that sucks as it blocks access to the rear and is hard to move around. i would also ad a front post mounted seat that the bench can slide over when in place, that way when it is just you and 2 guys you can ditch the bench and save on weight in the boat. you can also have this option for the rear seat....... very nice IMHO.

    as far as the dimple bottoms, i've not had much issue with mine, a few of my buddies have the same boat w/o dimples and they like em that way. a few guides i know say they catch gravel in some situations. i do like the way the bottom flexes over rocks. my boat has held up very well.

    one thing i also noticed at the show is that clacka uses a couple different trailer manufacturers and seat manufacturers, make sure you take the time to evaluate those options.

    one other note: you might look into the weight comparisson too. i did a float a few weeks ago, once in a hyde and once in my clack. there is a major log jam you have to portage the boat around. it was an interesting comparison.
  14. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    This is great information, thank you all for replying. I do have an alterier motive for initiating this post ;-). I am in a current situation with Hyde (which I will provide full details on this thread in a few days, once I hopefully get things straightened out) which has been an absolutely HORRIBLE customer service experience. Prosopium...I hear ya man! Before I get in trouble...back to the boats.

    Believe me, my decision is already made up but for the sake of comment and hopefully gathering additional info I will go on. I have had 15' boat for years which I found to be a bit cramped with 3 which has me concerned about the Hyde sizes. I like the looks of both however, the size of Clack, a true measurement of 16' 8", alone is KEY! Not to mention my dealings with John Stenersen with Clack has been up front and very professional. I have heard about the re-sale value of clack...sounds like this is no smoke eh?

    Anyone had problems with the roughed up aluminum cutting fly lines on Hydes?
  15. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    BTW - Jason - - I did see the Clack trailer differences at the show. They now have one with plastic wheel wells...yes I said PLASTIC! Should I order a Clack I will definetly ensure I do not get plastic.
  16. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    as a solution, you might consider just trading your boat in on a new glass boat, not sure what water you cover but if your being that rough on an alum boat, you might want to think about what that kind of use would do to a glass boat. i know hyde from time to time, gets clacks traded in, so maybe work it out with them and wait for one to come in.

    some issues are legit to take to the manufacturer, other issues are more our fault then the manufacturer (not taking sides here) With my experience with Matt, I am very suprised to hear of any c/s problems, they are a family run business.

    there is one manufacturer that i've been dying to see in real life:
    that definately has some good ideas to consider.

    Willy- get a galvanized trailer!

  17. Dan Soltau

    Dan Soltau New Member

    The only two boatsI have seen crashed or out of service were both hydes, and one of them was on the madison. It was a guide and two clients, the boats bottom had totally came out from the frame and gunnels... So I am about to buy and have already made payments on clacka headhunter skiff!
  18. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    I ordered my 16' clack LP a couple weeks ago WITH a galvanized trailer. I drove my steel trailer down way too many MT dirt roads to see what that can do!

    Dan - Interesting info on the crashed out boats. I saw ALOT of people using the headhunters on the Madison last year...pretty cool boat!
  19. YAKIMA

    YAKIMA AKA: Gregory Mine

    Hyde now has a shop in Sumner, go check them out for yourself.
  20. Bryan Williamson

    Bryan Williamson Willybethere

    Is this an actual Hyde sales office in Sumner, or another sponsored flyshop who reps their boats?