Clakacraft or Hyde?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by FlyFshn'Fool, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Good luck picking a boat. I have rowed both Clack and Hyde. I own the Hyde and can say that the low profile Clack is a more manuverable boat. It is faster to row but suffers from the low side on big rivers. I have a G4 bottom on my Hyde and it looks like new after 8 years. My friend has had 2 clacks in 1 year as the high side clack rowed like a barge. He traded for the low side. But when we go in big water, South Fork or upper Yellowstone, we row my boat. Features I added to Hyde was the extra floor covers to make the floor level.
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    I just sold my 03 Clack WF 16 to a guy who won a newer Hyde in a raffle. The design of the platform above the bow storage are was key and has been the source of a few comments from guys who have been in the bow of both. Positive was they liked the flatter design of what in mariner terms would be above the fo'c'sle, orwhatever the 'H they call it. Anyhow for fly guys, I've had better feedback on the Clack design. Both are fabulous boats in all.
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    Rowed a hyde for years, then rowed a clack when they went to the gulfstream bottem, would get anything but a clacka at this point-
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    Heard that more than once, but local 'Guides' still go with Willies.

    But again, if that were 'my business' I can understand where they're coming from.
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    I have had a Clacka for three years now and have done 50+ floats with it.
    Having never rowed anything else i really can't comment on the two.
    I do know the Clacka is tough and a great boat. Mine still looks showroom new with little maintenance.